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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Today’s 7th November full episode: Who is the worst performer and who will be eliminated? This week!


Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Today’s 7th November full episode: Who is the worst performer and who will be eliminated?: The much-hyped South Indian reality show “Bigg Boss Telugu 5” always likes to remain in the talk of social media. As now the show is heading towards its 10th week but before that, the fans are curious to know about the name of the contestant who is going to eliminate by the end of today’s episode. The recent episode of BB Telugu 5 had host Nagarjuna making much fun with his conversations with the inmates and creating them do other fun tasks. With not many incidents to address in this week, the host Nagarjuna had congratulated the contestant Anee for wining the captaincy task. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination

In the midst of fun tasks, Nagarjuna saved 2 nominated contestants from the danger zone. As VJ Sunny and Anchor Ravi are out of the nomination this week, they are now out of danger. The contestants who are still in the danger are singer Sree Rama Chandra, RJ Kajal, Vishwa, Jessie, Siri, and Priyanka Singh. The results of the nomination will be announced today.

As per the patterns of voting trends this week, the contestant Vishwa is likely to exit the BB Telegu house in today’s episode (7th November 2021). In the spite of the hard work of Vishwa, some of his qualities are not well-received by the watchers, which might have ensued in his low votes. Not only this Vishwa plays a horrible game when it comes to physical tasks, which always finished up hurting the other contestants, for which he is disliked by Big Boss convict as well. On the other side, Shanmukh and Sunny have been consistent in trending on social media, whereas Sree Rama Chandra and Manas graphs oscillate. As the show nears its realization, the watcher will decide on who is capable of winning the title.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Highlights Of Today’s Episode

The contenders faced a tough job of elimination in the latest promo of the show. Apart from accusing each other of being the worst performance and offering reasons to protect themselves, contestants Kajal and Shanmukh were labeled as the worst performers. Means has asserted that Shamukh has attitude issues whereas captain Anne has also accused Kajal of having a problem of attitude. The elimination round has followed then. Three contenders Kajal, Vishwa, and Priyanka Singh were watched facing the elimination round. Watch this episode of “Bigg Boss Telugu 5” on Star Maa at 09:00 PM and be with us for more such updates.

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