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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu elimination 11th Week — Anee Master Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5


Bigg Boss 5 Telugu elimination 11th Week — Anee Master Eliminated From Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5: The popular and controversial reality show “Bigg Boss Telugu ” is all set for 11th Week elimination in the house. As we already informed except Anchor Ravi, all the contestants are nominated for the elimination of this week. Before talking about the elimination, let’s have a look at the latest episode of the show. In the latest episode of the show, the viewers watched the captaincy task amongst 4 contestants. As per the task, Anee, Maanas, Priyanka, and Siri had to hold the ring with a single hand. The first contestant who was out from the task was Anee and then followed by Priyanka and Siri. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination

  • Anee Master

Maanas won the task and become the new captain of the house. Maanas, Sunny, and Kajal finally patched up. The BB Telugu contestants got a chance to win the eviction free pass by taking part in a task. Upon a siren in every round, 2 contestants had to enter the fire truck. Two photos of two other contestants were displayed on the house of burn. The contestants in the truck had to discuss and decide which contestant needed to be saved and whose photo had to burn. Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Double Elimination in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Confirmed This Weekend

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination 11th Week: Who gets eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Online Voting Results Revealed

The participant whose photo remained sans burning towards the end of the task would be the winner of the eviction free pass. The Sanchalak of the task was Maanas. Firstly Ravi and Shanmukh entered the truck. Photos of Sreeram and Maanas were displayed and the two presented their disputes. Shanmukh and Ravi decided to save Sreerama and the photo of Maanas was burnt. This episode was quite fascinating and viewers watched the intense fight amongst the contestants.

Bigg Boss 5 Season Telugu Elimination this week – Who is Elimination in BB5 Telugu this week – Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination

Jessie was the last contestant to leave the BB Telugu house. Though, the limelight is now on the 11th elimination of BB 5 Telugu from the 8th nominations based on the final voting results of Friday. BB 5 Telugu 11th Week elimination reflects on the task performance. With the conclusion of the voting window this week, Anee Master is in danger. 11 weeks had just passed in the house. Who will be eliminated this week is raising suspense. Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Eliminated Contestant Satire On Anchor Ravi

It looks like those in the nomination, especially Priyanka and Anee are in the danger zone. Though, as per the latest information, it seems that Kajal gets more moves. With this, it looks like Priyanka and ANee are in the danger this week. Of the 2, though Anee is expected to be BB 5 Telugu 11th week elimination. The official news on this is yet to become.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nominated Contestants List 11th Week

Total 5 housemates are nominated for the elimination this week. The list of nominated contestants is given below:

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Pinky Nominated
2 Siri Nominated
3 Shanmukh Nominated
4 Maanas Nominated
5 Kajal Eliminated
6 Sunny Nominated
7 Sriram Nominated
8 Anee Nominated

Star Maa’s popular and controversial reality show “Bigg Boss Telugu 5” begins off its 11th week as the BBhousemates wrestle for the finale positions. In the latest episode of the show, Maanas became the captain of the house. Talking about the elimination, Jessie was the last contestant to be evicted from the BB 5 Telugu 5 house. Though the limelight shifts to the 11th elimination voting polls of BB 5 Telugu from the 8th evictions. Already 11 contestants are evicted from BB 5 Telugu so far. This week contestant Ravi is safe from the elimination nominations this week.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Voting Polls trends Results 1th Week

  • Sunny – 21% votes
  • Shanmukh – 19% votes
  • Sriram – 17% votes
  • Maanas – 11% votes
  • Kajal – 10% votes
  • Siri – 9% votes
  • Priyanka – 7% votes
  • Anee – 6% votes

Though the voluntary exit of Jessie might sprout a turn in the 11th Week eviction plan of Bigg Boss 5. Talking about this week, all the contestants are nominated for the elimination except Anchor Ravi as he is the captain of the house. If we look at the unofficial polls, RJ Kajal and Anee Master are currently in the danger zone. The latest buzz is making rounds on the web which suggests that the audience will witness the double elimination in the BB 5 Telugu house.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Eliminated Contestants List

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Sarayu Suman Eliminated
2 Uma Devi Eliminated
3 Lahari Shari Eliminated
4 Nataraj Master Eliminated
5 Hamida Eliminated
6 Swetaa Varma Eliminated
7 Priya Eliminated
8 Anchor Lobo Eliminated
9 Vishwa Eliminated
10 Jaswanth Padala Aka Jessie Eliminated

As per the sources, BB makers skipped elimination last week as Jessie walked out of the show due to health issues. The organizers of the show informed to elimination thereafter. Now, BB makers are stated to be planning double elimination this weekend. Presently, Anee, Priyanka, Manas, and Siri have been selected as the contenders through different segments following the gold mining task. As per the sources, Siri Hanmath will be the ration manager.

The mini-screen onlookers wait to watch the captaincy task in Friday’s episode of the show, what has drawn the attention is the voting results which is going viral on social media. If BB Telugu polls of 5th edition on the web are believed, dancer-choreographer Anee is in the danger zone. Following her is Priyanka Singh. The stint of Anee and disrespectful behavior against Kajal did not like by the audiences.

The forthcoming episode of BB Telugu 5 is going to be amusing as the house will witness its next captain of the house and the contestants will also compete in a major task to win the “Eviction-Free” pass. The latest promo of the forthcoming episode is giving a glimpse of the task where 2 photos of two contestants will be displayed in the BB house of fire every time and they surely argue why they require the pass. In the promo Jaswanth, Sunny, Siri, and Priyanka put up their arguments. Watch this episode of “Bigg Boss 5 Telugu” on Star Maa and stay tuned with us.

The famous Telugu language controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 5 Telugu” is moving towards its finale. Only 4 weeks are left for the finale of the 5th edition and eight housemates will be in the house after the elimination of Sunday’s episode. The fans are curious to know the name of the contestant who is going to be eliminated by the end of today’s episode. A lot of speculating regarding the elimination is making rounds all over the web that the journey of the which contestant is going to end. As per the sources, Priyanka Singh and Anee master are currently in the danger zone and news broadcasted that Anee master will be eliminated this week.

Written Update Of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Today’s Episode

Now, the news is that Bigg Boss is going to surprise the housemates by entering their family members into the house. Sources disclosed that the family members of the housemates are in 3 days quarantine to enter the house and Bigg Boss will surprise Priyanka Singh with the entry of her parents. The makers of the show released the latest promo in which host Nagarjuna asked the BBmates to play a frolic task as today is Sunday.

The promo began with the entry of Nagarjuna quoting today is Sunday in the house means Eviction day and it stunned the housemates. Later on, Nagarjuna asked Maanas what he is expecting from Priyanka after the Bigg Boss and his answer will surely win the hearts. After that, he asked the same question Pinki that what is expecting from Maanas. The fun and frolic created after Nagarjuna asked Anee master a question and her reply is very funny.

In this promo, Ravi draws everyone’s attention. On the other side, Choreographer Anee surprised many by leaving in the house of BB Telugu 5 until now. She was never on the popularity charts however she played the game cunningly. Though this weekend, she had to leave the house. Host Nagarjuna eliminated Anee from BB Telugu 5. She was nominated with other contestants but she got fewer votes.

With the elimination of Anee, the house presently Maanas, Ravi, Kajal, Priyanka, Siri, Shanmukh, Sunny, and Sreeram Chandra as the contestants. 2 more contestants will go out from the show by the next weeks. However, for the first time since the launch of BB Telugu, this season has completely skipped wild card entries. Watch this episode of “Bigg Boss Telugu 5” on Star Maa and stay connected with us.

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