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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu elimination 12th Week — RAVI Gets Evicted From Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5


Bigg Boss 5 Telugu elimination 28th November 2021 – 12th Week — RAVI Gets Evicted From Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5: Bigg Boss 5 Telugu is moving towards its thirteenth week and is all set to entertain its viewers. Last week was super entertaining and full of entertainment as the family members of the housemates comes inside the BB house to meet them. The housemates were spotted emotional and happy at the same time. The show is taking amazing and shocking twists and turns every week and snatching the attention of the viewers. Till now, seven eliminations have taken in this season. It will be the 8th elimination this weekend for which the viewers are waiting eagerly. Here, we have brought some essential details regarding the eliminations. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu elimination

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination

  • Ravi

As we all know that the show is coming near to its end and the curiosity of the housemates have been increasing every day. The show is also going on extremely well and getting higher TRP every week. Like every time, this season is also highly enjoyed by the viewers who are following it regularly.  this season, we are seeing several verbal and heated arguments between the contestants. It all happened during the tasks and many other things like when the housemates don’t react mutual consent for some decisions.

However, we have also seen some good bonds among the housemates that maybe they take from this BB house. The housemates are spending some good time of their lives which is going to be one of the most adventurous moments in their future. Apart from this, seven housemates are nominated to get evicted from the house this week and they are Shanmukh, Siri, Sriram Chandra, Kajal, Sunny, Ravi, Pinky. These 7 housemates are under pressure this week for the eviction.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Elimination 12th Week: Who gets eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Online Voting Results Revealed

Although, the mentioned voting results are not official as it has been taken from the local voting poll.  As per these voting results, Sunny and Shanmukh are on the top of the voting list, while Sriram and Siri have got fewer votes this week so they both are in a danger zone and there are more chances of Sriram getting evicted from BB house this week. Apart from this, the weekend episode is going to be super fun and entertaining for the viewers.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Nominated Contestants List 12th Week

Total seven housemates are nominated for the elimination this week. The list of nominated contestants is given below:

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Kajal Nominated
2 Siri Nominated
3 Sriram Chandra Nominated
4 Sunny Nominated
5 Pinky Eliminated
6 Shanmukh Nominated
7 Ravi Eliminated

Star Maa’s famous controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 5 Telugu” finishes its 12th week as the emotional contestants warmly welcome their family members. Contestant Shanmukh becomes the last captain of the house. As we all know Anee was the last contestant to be eliminated from the BB 5 Telugu house. Though now the entire focus converted to the 12th elimination of BB 5 Telugu. 10 contestants are evicted from BB 5 Telugu so far. Maanas is safe from eviction nominations this week. Sarayu, Anee, Uma, Vishwa, Natraj, Swetha, Lahari, Priya, and Hamida are the other eliminations in this 5th season. Though, BB might consider a twist in the eviction plan for the 12th week as Priyanka and Siri are in danger.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Voting Polls trends Results 12th Week

  • Sunny- 26.39% (2849 votes)
  • Shanmukh- 19.49% (2104 votes)
  • Kajal- 12.24% (1321 votes)
  • Pinky- 11.73% (1266 votes)
  • Ravi- 11.17% (1206 votes)
  • Siri- 10.15% (1096 votes)
  • Sriram Chandra- 8.84% (954 votes)

Contestant Priyanka is lagging in terms of vote share in the majority of this unofficial online voting results elimination of this week. The viewers watched the emotions of the contestants during the entry of the family member of the content in BB house. The mother of Shannu and Deepthi are expected to enter the BB 5 Telugu house. The unofficial voting results are in the favor of the elimination of Priyanka.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Eliminated Contestants List

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Sarayu Suman Eliminated
2 Uma Devi Eliminated
3 Lahari Shari Eliminated
4 Nataraj Master Eliminated
5 Hamida Eliminated
6 Swetaa Varma Eliminated
7 Priya Eliminated
8 Anchor Lobo Eliminated
9 Vishwa Eliminated
10 Jaswanth Padala Aka Jessie Eliminated
11 Ravi Eliminated

Maanas and Sunny will also welcome their mothers in the BB Telugu house this week whereas the husband of Kajal along with their daughter will enter the house. There is a strong battle between Siri, Kajal, and Priyanka and as a consequence, one female contestant eviction is confirmed this week. In the last week the voting results, Priyanka was in the bottom two with Anee who got eliminated.

BB Telugu 5 is moving towards its finish line. If reports are to be believed, BB Telugu Season 5 grand finale is going to be held on 17th December 2021. Fans are keenly waiting to watch who would be in the top 2 this season. After watching the present scenario in the BB house and buzz on the web, Sunny and Shanmukh are likely to be the 2 finalists of this 5th season. Shanmukh has been constantly raising the highest votes after every nomination when compared to other contestants. He always leads in the voting list whenever he is nominated for elimination.

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