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Bigg Boss 5 Tamil elimination 13th Week — Sanjeev Venkat Get Evicted From Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5? Final Voting Results


Bigg Boss 5 Tamil elimination 2nd January 2022 – 13th Week — Sanjeev Venkat gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5?: Nation’s favorite controversial reality show “Bigg Boss 5 Tamil” is reaching towards the finale. The show is completing its 13th week in the middle of all the altercation and emotions in the “ticket to finale” week. After a tough competition, the contestant Amir became the first finalist of BB 5 Tamil. BB 5 Tamil eviction nomination list for 13th week eliminating features 8 contestants in a suspense-filled elimination voting results this week. Raju and Priyanka steer clear of danger as the potential finalists of BB 5 Tamil are safe this week. After a tough fight with Sanjeev and Ciby, Amir became the winner of “Ticket To Finale”. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil elimination

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Elimination

  • Sanjeev Venkat

BB Tamil 5 elimination voting results signals huge danger for Niroop, Sanjeev, and Thamarai.  There are high chances of Ciby entering the week 13gh eviction voting results’ danger zone. The fans are super excited to watch this elimination whose journey will be going to finish at this point. Whoseever is going to be eliminated will be disheartening to watch as only a few days are left for the grand finale of the show. The contestants who are nominated for the elimination are given below.

The cringe tasks of the BB 5 Tamil ticket to the finale bored the watchers but finished with a winner. Amir won the ticket to the final task to become the first-ever wildcard finalist in the history of BB 5 Tamil. On the other side, Pavni is looking to compact on her vote base in a crucial time but her fan base is giving guarantees her safety this week. Raju and Priyanka are the other two unofficial finalists of BB 5 Tamil. Ciby and Sanjeev gave a tough fight for the winner position of the ticket to finale task.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination Today – Who gets evicted in BB5 Tamil this week – Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Elimination this week

Sanjeev takes the entry into the danger zone after his failure to make the cut in BB % Tamil’s ticket to finale. It is extremely unlikely to have two wildcards in the top 5 contenders of the show. Niroop shows a major increase in vote share which propels him to equal levels with Sanjeev and Thamarai. The contestants in danger of eviction this week in BB 5 Tamil are Niroop, Thamarai, and Sanjeev. Raju and Pavni are in a safe zone in the 13th Week of voting results.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Nominated Contestants 13th Week

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Pavni Nominated
2 Niroop Nominated
3 Raju Nominated
4 Sanjeev Eliminated
5 Amir Nominated
6 Priyanka Nominated
7 Ciby Nominated
8 Thamarai Nominated

We are back with the written update of Star Vijay’s Bigg Boss Tamil 5 which is going on extremely exciting and getting much attention from the viewers. Every week, the show has been increasing the intensity of the competition and making it more interesting. We would like to tell you that the show is only a month away from the Grand Finale of season 5. The contestants of the show are also taking every task seriously and giving their level best in the show. Finale race has also begun in the show which is making it more intense. Let check out the highlights of tonight’s episode.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Elimination 13th week Final Voting Trends: 

  • Amir – SAFE (After Becoming The Ticket to Finale Winner)
  • Raju – 23% vote share
  • Priyanka – 21% vote share
  • Pavni – 12% vote share
  • Sanjeev – 7% vote share (Eliminated)
  • Niroop – 7% vote share
  • Thamarai – 8% vote share
  • Ciby – 8% vote share

In today’s episode, the viewers will be witnessed another task that is not going to be easy at all. This task will be ended up with the elimination of the one housemate that’s the reason why it is going to be tough for the housemates. However, not all contestants are in a danger zone but, five are in danger at this time. During this task, several fights will be seen taking place among the housemates. Whatever happens, but it is for sure that the viewers are going to enjoy tonight’s episode very much as it is containing a high-voltage drama.

In the latest promos, we have seen that the housemates are given another tough task in which dice will be given to the contestants on which the photos of five contestants will be printed, when the first buzzer rings, the housemates will start rolling the dice, and when the third buzzer goes off, the housemates have to stop. At this point, whose photo will come at the top of the dice will be eliminated directly.

During the task, the viewers will see that Raju will sit on the dice at a point so that no one can roll the dice. Still, the housemates roll down the dice and he falls on the floor, but he again sits on it. Later, Akshara comes to him and tells him that she wants to roll the dice as her photo is on the top. Raju said, “you don’t have to. You will idle.” After which, Akshara gets angry and shouts. She also gets involved in an argument with Priyanka. She will be seen as very disappointed with Raju. It is going to be very interesting to see who will be eliminated after this task.

Bigg Boss Tamil is a most appreciated show which has been going so well so in this blog we are going to update you about the written episode update of the show. As you all know that today is Sunday so you guys are going to be meet the most beloved host of the show. He will be going to be taking a class of all the inmates. He will be seen discussing the behavior of all the housemates for each other.

Two of the inmates are inside the dormitory and this s gonna be a bit disappointing for the viewers that they will not go to be involved in a fight. As the concept of the task is to take a stand for yourself, and also have to prove why they deserve this show. But both of them have been seen so calm and there isn’t any such argument between them. Later we will get to see that one of the participants who has been gone down to the battleground and get invited in the household work will gonna be pulled off, even it jas been destroyed or scorched.

So we will go to see that Kamal sir will be going to take a most eye-catching entry when he has been entered to the show background music plays. So further we will be going to see that he has been taking a look at the Friday episode and he then started a discussion on the same. He also discusses the last year and the issues faced by the world due to the covid-19. So after this inmates tires to confront each other and defend themselves. Kamal sir’s house to listen to them carefully and then he tells them all where they were wrong. He treated them all individually.

The environment of the show becomes too tense and devastating. The inmates will be seen feeling guilty and they even use to apologize to Kamal sir. Tonight is the eviction night and we will see that the inmates are so tense as one has to leave the show tonight. They are all so tense, as this s the most disheartening part of the show and it must need to be taking place. So who is gonna be evicted from the show will going to be unveiled in tonight’s episode so don’t forget to watch the full episode.

So, do not forget to watch tonight’s episode of “Bigg Boss Tamil 5” on Star Vijay at 10 pm.

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