Bigg Boss 5 Tamil 6th December 2021 full episode written update: Nominations Contestants List for this week!: Hello readers, we are once again back with the update of one of the most popular and controversial reality shows “Bigg Boss Tamil 5”. The latest episode of BB Tamil 5 began with the host viewing the happenings on Friday, Abishek and Priyanka had a long discussion about the fights of the former with Niroop. Host Kamal Haasan discussed with housemates about the TV station task. He appreciated Abishek Raaja and his team for the performance of Bigg Boss Blue TV. Talking about the show it has successfully crossed 63 days. Last week, contestant Abishek was eliminated from the house. Follow More Update On

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Nominated Contestants This week

The new week started with the captaincy task. However, Amir won the position of captain but there is a twist the contestant Pavni used her coin power to snatch the post. Now, the last promo showcase another big twist in the elimination nomination process. The latest promo of the show started with Bigg Boss announcing the name of the nominated contestants of this week.

Some Of The Nominated Contestants Of This Week Are:-

  1. Abhinay
  2. Niroop
  3. Ciby
  4. Imman
  5. Akshara

But the Bigg Boss gives a chance to Niroop use his coin power to nominate someone else instead of him in short he can save himself from the nomination of this week. In particular, Niroop used his coin to snatch captaincy from Imman Annachi last week. In the promo, Niroop says that he would use the coin power in order to nominate Sanjiv instead of himself. After that, Bigg Boss orders that Niroop should play a game challenge and triumph in order to nominate Sanjiv for the elimination process. Niroop states, “They are asked to play 7 stones game save themselves from the nomination process. This episode is particularly quite fascinating to watch as it consists of a lot of twists.

Another promo hints that Pavni is given a penalty to be the helper to the housemates by the BB. We watch that Pavni and Akshara having an altercation over the penalty. The promo had Akshara saying to Pavni, “You are a helper, right? You can do this job, Come on.” Their fight will catch the attention of the fans of BB and will surely provide a huge entertainment who loves to watch the verbal spat. So readers, don’t forget to watch this fiery episode of “Bigg Boss Tamil 5” on Star Vijay and stay tuned with getindianews for this kind of latest episode.


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