As everyone knows, the most popular reality show on Vijay television named Bigg Boss 4 is very close to its ending. The show getting top rank in TRP. Also, the show is going to be a very interesting day by day. The audience is curious to know who wins the trophy of Bigg Boss 4.Ticket to finale task is going on this week. All contestants of Bigg Boss 4 are nominated this week. As you all know that the last two tasks of ticket to finale won by Rio and Somu.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Today's Episode

Now, the audience is eagerly waiting for other tasks of the ticket to the finale and wants to know who will win the tasks. In Today’s episode, you will see the ticket to finale task 6 in which contestants are instructed to share their opinion about each other. In the task, there is some chits with the quotes. And they are instructed to pick up one chit and read it and tag the contestant who matches with quotes. During the task, Contestants seems to enjoy their task. All contestants were hugging each other.

Ticket to finale task 7 also will happen today. This task also very interesting and amazing like other tasks. In the 7th task, contestants are instructed to exchange the balls in different rings. In the task, there is a ring on the floor and some balls in it. Contestants have to roll on the floor and placed the ball one ring to another ring. This task is also very entertaining.

Other contestants are enjoying to see the contestants who participate in the task. During the task, contestant hugging each other and enjoying. It will be interesting to see who will win the task and reaches close to the winning trophy. Don’t forget to watch the show on Vijay television. Don’t forget to watch the show on Vijay television every day at 9:30 pm. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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