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Bigg Boss 15 OTT Elimination 28th August 2021: Neha Basin Or Milind Gaba To Eliminated This Week!


One of the most controversial and prominent reality show named “Bigg Boss OTT” is going on really well on the digital platform. Yes, as we all know that Bigg Boss is streaming on the Voot app. The show is gaining huge popularity and the attention of the watchers. The contestants are not losing a single chance to get into the eyeballs of the watchers. The show is mainly known for its fights, drama, heated arguments, and so on. In this version of the show as well, the contestants are making controversies and headlines by getting into ugly fights. This time, all power of eliminations is in audiences’ hands.

Bigg Boss 15 OTT Elimination

Bigg Boss 15 OTT Elimination

After the shocking eviction of Zeeshan, Divya is alone in the BB house. Also, now the house needs new captain pairs for the house. However, Milind is also gets affected by Zeeshan’s exit as Divya and Milind were close friends of Zeeshan in the house. So, the two pairs that are going to face off against each other are Neha-Pratik and Milind-Akshara. The captain C task is going to be very interesting for all viewers as the two pairs are going to give a head-to-head competition to each other during the task. Divya Aggarwal will be the “Karya Sanchalak”. (Dance Deewane 3 Elimination 28th August 2021: Sultan’s stellar performance got a standing ovation!)

In the task, the two pairs have assigned a task in which they have to prepare a big pyramid, and which one pair will make the biggest pair compared to another one, will be announced as the winner of the task. During the task, the viewers will be witnessed a fight between Divya and Pratik in which Divya will show her Boss Lady avatar that is going to amuse all her fans. Divya is playing the game very well and for now, she is playing her game all alone without anyone’s interference.

Bigg Boss 15 OTT Voting Trends Week 3

  • Pratik- 30% votes
  • Akshara- 29% votes
  • Milind- 21 votes
  • Neha-20% votes

We would like to tell you that Neha and Milind will win the task as they will be made the big pyramid and it will be decided by the rest of the contestants. Along with this, the viewers will also see the fight between Akshara and Pratik who used to be good friends at some time. The two will be seen involved in a heated argument and other contestants will be appeared to calm them down. Let’s see who will be evicted this week. If you want to catch this latest episode of “Bigg Boss OTT” then you have to download the Voot app so download it now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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