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Bigg Boss 15 OTT Elimination 15th August 2021: Urfi Javed Get Evicted From BB15 House!


Here we are with the written update of the most controversial reality show named “Bigg Boss OTT” that is coming on the Voot app. The show is going really well from the very first day. The viewers are watching the show with high interest and curiosity. It is one of the most prominent and renowned reality show that is going on extremely well. The show has already gained publicity and many followers have started following the show on a daily basis. In today’s episode, the viewers are going to be witnessed some extremely mad comedy done by the contestants. They will also be cracking some adult jokes.

Bigg Boss 15 OTT

Bigg Boss 15 OTT Elimination

  • Urfi Javed Get Evicted From BB15 House

In the previous episode, we have seen the contestants participating in the nomination task in which they have to control their emotions and reactions. In the task, it was instructed that the contestants will damage the personal things of one contestant and that contestant needs to control his/her emotions and reactions. All in all, the contestants need to calm themselves without giving any reaction. If the contestant reacted to something or any acts, then contestants will have to face elimination. During the task, we have seen many fights and clashes between the contestants. Divya has also seen in aggression, While Ridhima has seen calm her down by holding her as she got very angry.

In today’s episode, the contestants will be seen acting strange and weird. The contestants are going to give the audiences some funny moments instead of fights and screaming. Firstly, Shamita Shetty will be seen behaving like a child. In the promo, we have seen Raqesh and Urfi behaving like a parent of Shamita who is also acting like a small child. Shamita asks Urfi to wear full clothes as she was wearing a short dress to which Urfi says to Shamita that her father (Raqesh) doesn’t like.

Ahead, Raqesh says to Shamita that he doesn’t know how to handle children to which she says that why she took her into this world, Urfi says that his condom broke that time. The rest of the contestants laughs loud. In the second promo, it was shown that Shamita and Raqesh are kneading the dough and Shamita addresses him as “Papa”. Shamita will be seen kneading the dough with the help of Raqesh. While kneading, Raqesh says to her how perfectly she has observed her mom. The upcoming episode of the series is going to be very interesting and amazing with lots of comedy. Don’t forget to watch the latest episode of “Bigg Boss OTT” on the Voot app at 7 PM.

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