Bigg Boss 15 5th October 2021 Written Update: Here we are with the written episode update of “Bigg Boss 15” of 5 October 2021. The episode begins with the most entertaining actions of the inmates. This is the second episode of the season and other are already numerous grudges between the dome of the participants. And in tonight’s episode, we will be going to see how inmates are involved in the heated arguments that will be going to take another turn and this also makes Bigg Boss take a string of actions against housemates. Follow Updates on

Bigg Boss 15

There is a jungle theme task going on in the house and the Bigg boss is announcing some of the small challenges in which they have to prove them so we will see that Prateek takes action in the favor of his team, but other teams get to know about this and they so week against of it. Whereas Arjun Bijlani has been seen going against Prateek and later they bother involved in the heated arguments. Arjun buses Prateek, after which Prateek lost his temper and he use to release his anger on the property of the house. Tiger fight will go to be so heated that Sejpal breaks the mirror.

After this Bigg Boss will going to to take strong action giant him and he might get directly nominated from a house for this week. Not only this we will also be going to see a love angel in the BB house in just the second episode of it. Umar Riyaz and Tejasvani Praksh will be going to be seen making efforts for each other. Tejasvani tells the housemates to play a Fashion show game and Umar will become a model who has to show his body and she also decides the role of the rest of the inmates in this. This is so entertaining.

And Umar gives his best where Tejasvi will b seen trying to make him laugh. And they both use to feel shy from each other. Tejasvi also becomes a model in this fashion show and they both give their best by entertaining the audience. Umar will be seen blushing a lot. This one is the funniest act in tonight’s episode. Whereas if we talk about their fans they are tagging them and also give a name to both of them. Their fans are supporting their togetherness and they are also claiming that they want to see Tejasvi and Umar together in the show. So watch the full episode on Colors tv.


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