Bigg Boss 15 4th October 2021 full episode written update: Bigg Boss 15 has been taken to Indian television and the audience is so excited about this. The most entertaining reality show is all very to keep you all entertained. You will all be going to get a dose of fun, laughter, love angels, and heated arguments. So before jumping into tonight’s episode let us tell you that it going to be jammed up with heated arguments, fun, tasks, and love angels. You might be getting impatient so we are here with the written update of today’s episode.

Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss 15 written update

Tonight is the first episode of who and it is so unexpected. As we will going to see the inmates in the heated arguments and the love angels. Whereas as we are expecting a nice gesture from the inmates with each other. There is going to be a heated argument between the two female participants Afsana and Vidhi. There will be an announcement from Bigg Boss that all the housemates have to pack their bags and give them to the crew. So get busy with this and there will be a fight between two females. Afsana uses such a loud tone with her and this gets into the cat fat.

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Later we will also see that In the next morning Prateek and Arjun Bijlani get involved in a heated argument. Arjun tells him not to talk to me in this tone I will not be going to accept it at all. Then Prateek also gets angry at him and they both will come so close to each other and they are about to hit each other. But the rest of the inmates come there to sort their fight. Then we will also see that Afsana is always about to hit Vidhi but other participants were involved in their fight to stop them.

Bigg Boss announced a task to the participants and they all will be seen giving their best to the task so that they can get the opportunity in the first task. And also prove themselves in front of the audience. And they are also involved in heated arguments. The episode tonight is jammed up with a loss of interest. This season is going to be so amazing as per the first episode. we will be going to see more fun in the episode. Stay tuned to us to grab the written update of the show.


  1. Who is pratik I really do not know him nor see him. I had seen jay in many tv event. Who is pratik the arrogant brat, selfish, self booster, I think he is insane. Why bigg boss bring such a hopeless mannerless guy. He should be out of bigg boss house tonight itself.


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