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Bigg Boss 15, 18th October 2021, Written Episode Update, Jay Bhanushali furious at Tejasswi then Karan took a big step!


Bigg Boss 15, 18th October 2021, Written Episode Update: Bigg Boss 15, is the most liked show and it is also making the audience entertained a lot. The inmates in this season are so active and they all are doing so well this season. The last episode was so entertaining as there was Bapi Da in the house and he sets the show at a fire. Inmates are going to be seen involved in the arguments and fun. So we can say that the episode thaught is going to be entertaining. So we are here with the written update of tonight’s episode. Follow Updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss 15

Today Bigg Boss will go to announce the captaincy task in which all the partitions will see giving their best as everyone wants to become a captain. This task is not going to be easy to perform and they must have to do it for their selves. And this also makes them be involved in heated arguments with each other. While some are seen supporting their teams or groupmates so that they will be on the safe side. And there might have been a separation between Jay and Teju during a captaincy task.

While a task is going on Tejaswani is the Sanchaklk in this task. And Prateek is seen doing cheating then Jay tells this to Teju but she denies taking any action against him. And they both get into a heated argument. Teju said to him that I will not get take any action against him as I ain’t witnessed any of such action. This hists Jay and he loses his temper on Teju. After this, their fight catches the fire and they keep on fighting with each other. Jay and Teju both use harsh words for each other.

After this Jay also tried the same action against Prateek. And then Teju gets to Jay and she says to him that, ‘if someone else will do anything wrong then you will also try the same? Don’t you have your own mind?” And this argument continues. Other than the thesis we will also be going to see the fun moments of Teju I’m the house. She calls Bigg Boss her Babby and everyone use to laugh at this.

The show is going super amazing. Keep up with us to get the written update by following us. Also, don’t forget to watch the full episode on Colors TV and Voot Select app.

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