The most popular reality show on Colors tv named Bigg Boss 14 is going to be a very interesting day by day. The TRP of the show is raising high and high every week. The Audience eagerly waits for the episode every day. Every day, we get to see lots of drama and fights in the bb house. In the last episode, the atmosphere of the house was very hot as you have seen the fights between Eijaz and Rakhi and Aly and Rakhi. But today in the episode, you will see lots of drama and fun moments in the house.

Bigg Boss 14

In today’s episode, you will see Rakhi gets ready for Abhinav Shukla. she wears a red saree. She applies vermillion of Abhinav’s name and performs on the song. Rakhi yells, “I love you” to Abhinav. During Abhinav’s workout, Rakhi compliments him. Also, you will see Vikas Gupta deals with his health issue. Vikas Gupta will inform Bigg Boss about his health issues. The episode is going to be very suspicious as maybe Vikas will again step out of the show.

In the latest promo, Bigg Boss announces that all the contestant arrives at the living area and says packs all stuff of Vikas Gupta. Today, you will see after hearing about Vikas’s health, Arshi will break down into tears. Arshi says that she didn’t know that he is going through so much. When Bigg Boss announces to pack Vikas’s bags, everyone gets shocked. Rakhi also cries so much. The episode is going to be very emotional along with some entertainment.


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