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Bigg Boss 14 Today’s Written Update 4th February 2021 Voting Trends Arshi Khan Curses Devoleena For Her Family


We are here with another written episode update of 4th February 2021, “Bigg Boss 14”. We have seen in the last episode that Rakhi revealed the deepest secret of her marriage. Rahul in the washroom area asks rakhi to tell him about what she used to face in her past. Then she told him, the incident when her mother was ill and asked for financial help from her friend. Later the same guy used her and she started crying.

Bigg Boss 14 4th February 2021

Rubina Dilaik overhears the conversation and blamed that Rakhi was doing it for the sake of the task. Rahul blessed Rakhi meanwhile she revealed her secret about her husband that he is already married and he is a father of a child. While on the other side Rubina and Abhinav were planning for the task to earn more points from Rakhi. Later we have seen that Rakhi attempt her duty in the washroom which was not acceptable to Rubina and she requests Rakhi and Devoleena to wash utensils again. And they had an argument on it.

Bigg Boss 14 4th February 2021 Voting Results Week 18

  1. Rubina Dilaik (54%)
  2. Abhinav Shukla (13%)
  3. Aly Goni (12%)
  4. Rakhi Sawant (10%)
  5. Nikki Tambola (8%)
  6. Devoleena Bhattacharjee (2%)
  7. Arshi Khan (1%)

As per the promo updates, tonight’s episode will gonna be filled with Rakhi Vs Rubina and Abhinav. Rakhi makes up her mind to take revenge on the couple when she gets to know “What Rubina used to say last day after listening to Rahul and Rakhi’s conversation”. Rakhi calls Abhinav “sting”, which overheard by Rubina Dilaik and she throws water on Rakhi in aggression. Later she will be punished by Bigg Boss. Rubina will be nominated for all the upcoming weeks.

Devoleena Vs Arshi Khan, both will have an extreme level of argument. Their argument takes place when Arshi khan curses Rakhi and Devo, after Devoleena gets out of control and she’ll start to screams, cry, and behave like a psychotic person. In the washroom area Devoleena unable to control her aggression and she’ll through toiletries. On the other side, all the inmates try to keep her calm.

In the wake of the matter, Devoleena drags Rubina that “she supports Arshi Khan in the task”. As per the sources, Devoleena Bhattacharjee goes so much aggressive that she’ll use to threaten Dilaik. Keep the level of excitement high to watch the full episode on Colors Tv at 10:30 PM from Monday to Friday and at 9:00 PM from Sat-Sun. Stay tuned with us to catch all the related updates of the most profound reality show “Bigg Boss 14”.

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