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Bigg Boss 14 Jasmin & Rakhi Horrid Fight Check Live Updates 30th December 2020 Episode


BigBoss house is all about high voltage drama and fights. BiggBoss 14 is a reality show that comes on colours Tv at 9:00 PM. In Today’s episode, you will see a tragic fight between Bhasin and Rakhi. This is going to be very excited. as you all know in yesterday’s episode all contestants were nominated because of Nikki and Aly Goni. Where Nikki was asked to save two housemates without telling anyone about the task but by mistake, she nods to Aly question. Below we will tell you about the aggressive fight that will be super fun to watch.

Bigg Boss 14 Jasmin & Rakhi

Rakhi being Rakhi turns a small thing into a very big drama. When someone takes rakhi’s coffee, Rakhi becomes very angry and put all the blame over Aly. The situation turns ugly when rakhi curses that person who stole her coffee by saying ” whoever will spy my coffee will face an accident”. This makes everyone furious especially Aly. To this Aly says “you are talking shit and stop this”. Rakhi and Aly both argue in a very high pitch. Later Bhasin jumps into the conversation that turns into a big dramatic fight.

Bigg Boss 14 Today’s Episode

In today’s captaincy task BigBoss has turned his house into debris. Rakhi savant is the princess of that debris whose name is Juli. Rakhi is horribly dressed up for the task even before the commencement of the task. Her morning becomes worst when Nikki and Jasmine play with the duck face while making fun of rakhi. And after that, you will see @jasminebhaseen ka angry roop. Filled with frustration jasmine put that duck face on rakhi’s face and say ” Bola tha mere se panga mat Lena, chedna mat Mujhe”. On the other hand, rakhi is trying to turn this incident into a big drama by crying and beating his head against the table saying “meri Naak ki haddi tod di”.To this jasmine says ” Magarmach ke aasu”.

Aly tells jasmine to not do this,  everyone else is also saying that may be she is actually heart. When everyone was trying to talk with Jasmine, she starts crying. This is not enough for today. you will also see a blaming fight between @Arshikhan and @Rahulvaidya. Kyun le Liya @Arshikofficial ne @rahulvaidya23 se panga? Do watch today’s episode to see the complete drama on colours tv.




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