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Bigg Boss 14 Final Voting Trends, Winner Name, Runner Up, Prize Money


Hello Bigg Boss enthusiast we are here to update you on tonight’s episode, Voting results, Runner up, Bigg Boss 14 Winner, and Prize money. If take a look at tonight’s episode of February 20, 20121. The episode is gonna be jammed up with lots of emotions as inmates get an opportunity to witness their entire Bigg Boss journey of this season. The rest of the five inmates goes emotional and cheerful that they get this chance among the 14 contestants.

Bigg Boss 14 Final Voting Trends

Bigg Boss 14 Finale Voting Trends Results Today

Trending voting poll in percentage:-

  • Rubina Dilaik- 37.47 %
  • Rahul Vaidya- 34.10 %
  • Aly Goni- 21.97 %
  • Nikki Tomboli – 6.00 %
  • Rakhi Sawant- 3.03 %

Bigg Boss 14 Confirmed Winner:-

“Rubina Dilaik Shukla” as per the voting poll data she is the confirmed winner of Bigg Boss Season 14. She is the strongest woman amongst all the inmates. And has been played fabulously in the entire season.

“The most trending words by her huge fan base “DESERVING WINNER RUBINA DILAIK”.

Bigg Boss 14 Confirmed Runner Up:-

“Rahul Vaidya”, as per the above given latest voting poll Rahul Vaidya seems ta number second in the percentage list hence, he the confirmed runner-up of this season. He might be a winner but prior to a voting poll data of February 20, 2021, the results are clear. He played tremendously and took a genuine stand against what’s wrong.

Bigg Boss 14 Prize Money for Winner and Runner Up:-

The decided prize money for the winner of Bigg Boss 14 was 50 lakh but it will be reduced to 36 lakh only as in the previous episode we have seen that Rakhi Sawant shredded 14 lakh to made her spot in the final week. Tt’s the estimation only hence the prize money might be doubled and it’s yet to be confirmed.

Whereas, as per the sources runner-up didn’t get any prize money.

In Rubina Dilaik’s journey video, we’ll gonna witness how she took a stand for herself when she had to perform a garden area task while her first challenge was to save her married life which makes her heart melt on the spot and she starts to cry at the heat of the moment.

The rest of the inmates has to get emotional too and receives lots of blessings and praises from Bigg Boss. He compliments Rakhi Sawant that “she is the one who provides the real identity to Bigg Boss”. later she thanked Bigg boss for the journey.

Nikki Tamboli’s Journey is also commendable and she exclaims that it was her dream comes true today.

Ali Gony’s Journey is filled with lots of ups and downs along with happy moments.

Rahul Krishna Vaidhya Journey:- Bigg Boss praises him by stating  positive words “Rahul fight’s for himself alone in the entire season and comes up like a real man.”

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