Bigg Boss 13 Shehnaz Gill Contestants Cry Bitterly On The Second Day Of The Show
Image Source: (Youtube)

Bigg Boss 13 Shehnaz Gill Contestants Cry Bitterly On The Second Day Of The Show: The first episode of Bigg Boss 13 where the audience found it very boring. At the same time, the second episode was filled with entertainment dose. In the second episode itself, tea leaf appeared to be a big issue in Bigg Boss’s house, after which there was fierce fighting among the contestants regarding rationing.

In the second episode, it was shown that the tea leaf in the house reached the verge of ending. Regarding this, Daljeet tells all family members to drink tea only in the morning and evening, so that the tea leaf can run throughout the week. But Asim still makes tea for himself. Paras gets very angry on this matter of Asim, and he tells Asim Riaz about the tea leaf. Also Read: Bigg Boss 13 First Task BB Hospital Contestants Crosses All The Limits

Why did Punjabi singer Shehnaz Gill cry bitterly on the second day of the show?

After this, there is a fight between Siddharth Shukla and Siddharth Dey about food. This fight did not stop here. At the end of the ration of the house in just two days, all the householders target Shehnaz and Paras, because Shahnaz and Paras have the responsibility to manage the ration.

Paras then give the idea of ​​saving the household rations in their cleaning. But Shehnaz says that she cannot bear the responsibility of ration, she does not understand all this. All the people try to convince Shahnaz, but she starts crying crying bitterly.


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