Bigg Boss 13 Day 7 Episode Weekend Ka Vaar Written Update 5th October 2019: Salman Khan Fun Chat With Shehnaaz Gill Punjab Ki Katrina
Image Source: (Colors Tv Twitter)

Bigg Boss 13 Day 7 Episode Weekend Ka Vaar Written Update 5th October 2019: Salman Khan Fun Chat With Shehnaaz Gill Punjab Ki Katrina: Bigg Boss 13 will be the first weekend of the weekend with Salman Khan! Apart from this, in this teaser, he is seen calling Shahnaaz as Punjab Ki Katrina, while he asks Shahnaaz to dance to Hrithik Roshan’s film Mission Kashmir’s song Ghumro Ghumro.

Shahnaaz is seen doing so in a happy way. In this teaser, she tells Salman Khan that if she gives him a chance in her film, she does not want Bigg Boss trophy.

9:00 PM: In another teaser by Colors, Salman Khan can also be seen flaming members of the house. In this Salman Khan is also seen talking about not allowing Devoleena to become the queen of the house by Asim Riaz and Shefali.

9:10 PM: Salman Khan is wearing a black color suit. Salman Khan said that all the houses have opened in the first week. This week, even though people have been nominated to be homeless, no one has gone this time. Salman says to the contestants that Bhanu, Sushma and Prakash are asked to leave the house. He says that these are spirits. Salman says all to do well.

9:20 PM: Salman Khan inquires about the contestant of the house. He tells Paras that today he seems to be a relative of Ranveer Singh. Salman Khan appreciates Siddharth Shukla and calls Shahnsaz Gill Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif. They also talk about their bonding with Paras and get Shahnaaz to dance to the song, while Shahnaaz also mimics Siddharth Dey’s snoring. Salman Khan taking Mahira’s spin Do not say that he is not doing anything at because he can not see they have worked 150 cameras

9:30 PM: Salman Khan brings in a task house called Connection chair. Shahnaaz Gill says that he and Paras have a connection. While Shefali and Siddharth talk of having a connection, most people are seen making their connection with Paras. Abu Malik says that I am the one to mix Shahnaaz and Paras. The people of the house also feel that a good connection has been made between Paras and Shahnaaz. The expertise

9:40 PM: In another chair, there is a talk about the name of the person who broke the connection made by these two. Mahira Sharma is seated on the Kaal chair. Salman Khan sends Rashmi, Devoleena, Daljeet and Mahira to have a picnic because These people have not done anything in the house this week. Apart from Salman Khan Siddharth Shukla, no one is seen in the kitchen. He wants Devoleena and Rashmi to work in the kitchen of the house. The new call Salman Khan is the talk of the hospital task and can say that task and good

9:50 PM: Salman Khan tells Mahira that Idea is money, Idea is everything. Salman Khan makes Mahira’s side clear on the task. She says that she was worth it to become Queen of the house. She was talking about Shefali. But they also keep their point. Salman Khan is seen having fun with Shahnaz Gill, while Shahnaz requests Salman Khan that she wants to work with him even if he does not become a winner.


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