Bigg Boss 13 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Game On Rashmi And Siddharth Dey Fight
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Bigg Boss 13 4th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Game On Rashmi And Siddharth Dey Fight: Rashmi and Siddharth Dey feud in Bigg Boss 5th episode, Shaifali Bagga and Siddharth get together Till now you have seen that Team B wins the task by completing In Bigg Boss’s house. After which everyone in the house starts fighting each other, Devolina is going to be the queen of this house, when Bigg Boss asked which member of team B should become queen, all the people decided to make Devolina queen. But Shaifali is not happy with this decision, due to this, Bigg Boss refused to make anyone queen this week. After which all the members of the house are called Shefali bad girl.

On the other hand, Devolina is very sad and starts crying. Everyone is angry with Shaifali. After a few hours, the matter settles down. But here Devolina and Rashmi are talking among themselves, and in the same things, there is a fight with Siddharth Dey. After which the two argue with enough, Siddharth goes with Shaifali.

On the other hand, two girls Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira start fighting over Paras. Who is more important for whom. It looks like Mahira and Shehnaaz Gill are angry. That will not be the case for both. Everyone at home is fighting a battle to win. Everyone is engaged in arguing with each other. Paras have fun among them, Paras is trying to be good with everyone.

He is also succeeding in this. When both girls fight over Paras, Paras enjoys a lot. Now it is to see who will be with whom next week and who will become the king and queen of the house. Shehnaaz Crying Badaly Beacause of argument with Mahira Over Paras, Shehnaaz Said to Paras you can choose one girl and stay with one.

Girls Contestants Got Power Them Need To Nominated Any One boy which needs to does not deserve leaving in house

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