Bigg Boss 13 2nd October 2019 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 13 2nd October 2019 Written Episode Update: In the first few days of every season of Bigg Boss, the contestants get to know each other and make friends. After this, everyone’s quarrel also starts in the house. Although every season of Bigg Boss is full of quarrels and controversies, but this time it seems that the contestants are more excited. In Bigg Boss 13, there is already enmity between the contestants before friendship.

Bigg Boss house has been transformed into a hospital. All members of one team in the hospital will be patients and the other team members will be medical staff. Patient members cannot come anywhere without the help of staff. When Bigg Boss Siren rings, any two onduties will announce the medical staff and name a disease. Medical staff can select and treat patients of their choice.

Medical staff can use any item on the operation table to treat them. If the patient does not leave the table before the Bigg Boss signal, the staff team will get 2 points. If the patient does not get up, the medical team will not get any points.

Bigg Boss Paras and Devolina declare on-duty medical staff. He calls for treating the patient’s skin problem. For this, the team of medical staff selects Siddharth and Asim.

Both are seated at the operation table. Asim gets up on seeing the skin remover cream here. He has an argument with his own team to leave the task.

Devolina and Paras torture Siddhartha a lot but Siddharth does not mind. Rashmi gets emotional after seeing them. After the task, Asim and Paras fiercely fight.

Bigg Boss once again declares Daljeet and Mahira as onduty staff. This time they have to treat the stomach of the patient. That is, they can be fed and fed anything. This time Siddharth Dey and Koena Mitra choose as the patient. They feed both from chillies to bitter gourd.

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