It seems like BIA has gotten connected with Nicki Minaj for one of the remix songs and the name of the track is “Whole Lotta Money”, the original version of the song has been featured on the EP which was ‘for certain’ which was in BIA 2020 and the song was dropped in the year 2020 in the month of December and later on, the music video of the song was shared by BIA in the month of April in the year 2021, the song has been streamed by over 70 million users since the time it has been released and it went on to reach the spot of number 12 when it comes to Spotify as it went viral and was in the list of top 50 charts.

Whole Lotta Money

BIA Ft Nicki Minaj Whole Lotta Money

BIA and Nicki have been talking about the new collaboration that they have done which they discussed on Instagram live as they had a session on Thursday night which they had before the release of the remix, BIA is also going to be performing this summer in Miami at the rolling loud and this is going to happen on 25th July 4 then he is going to be performing at Lollapalooza on 31st July then he is going to be performing on 18th September in Las Vegas, then he is going to be performing on 1st October in City Limits Festival, then she is going to be performing on 29th October in New York and then on 13th November she will be performing in Day N Vegas.

it seems like that the new collab has made the fans pretty excited about what lies in the future as both of the artists are truly talented and they are probably going to come up with many new collabs which is the reason for the excitement of the fans as they are aware that this is going to be one of the most exciting remixes of the year as two world-renowned artists have worked on it, You can listen to the new version of the song on Spotify or you can listen to it on Youtube.


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