There has been a recent teaser that has been launched by the Discovery+ Hotstar and the teaser is definitely going to catch your eye as the teaser is going to make you think about the horror of the world, the reader has been shared by the Veteran actor Anupam Kher on his social media handle of a documentary naming ‘Bhuj; the day India shook, it seems like that the story will be narrated by the veteran actor as it is going to be a documentary,

Bhuj The Day India Shook

Watch Bhuj The Day India Shook On Discovery Plus

It seems like that the actor is going to shed some light on the destruction that happened because of the earthquake that was the reason for the widespread death and the destruction that took place in Bhuj which is in Gujarat which happened in the year 2001 and the documentary is also going to be having the details of the areas which are prone to such calamities that are there in the country.

Bhuj The Day India Shook Review

It has also been stated in the series that the teaser is going to start with the narration that Uttarkhand, Himachal are the ticking time bombs which are being stated by an expert, the teaser is going to start off with the visuals that are haunting which are going to be from 26th January 2001, as it is going to show the clips when the earthquake struck Gujarat and many of the buildings started collapsing as if they are a house of cards which led to the death of 20,000 people and then you are going to hear from,

The veteran actor as he is narrating in the documentary stating the impact of the situation and what was the country going through at that point in time and you are also going to be hearing from the experts that the states were a ticking time bomb at that time and how it was a complete system failure and Kher is also going to be talking about the stories that are going to provide you with hope in such desperate times as the show is also going to focus on the heroic acts that people did to save others.

The show is going to be premiered tomorrow on Hotstar and it is going to be including many of the journalists, rescuers, photographers, survivors, and geologists who are going to be featured in the documentary and it is definitely something that is going to be watched by everyone as it is surely going to be something which should be watched by citizens to know the amazing stories that actually took place in such desperate times.


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