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Bharti Shahani Dropped On Head Video on Reddit Explained: Father Sunny Shahani and Mother Reaction Astroworld Victim


Bharti Shahani Dropped On Head Video on Reddit Explained: Father Sunny Shahani and Mother Reaction Astroworld Victim: As we all know about the Astroworld music festival and whatever happened there. Till now, the news is coming that only 8 people have died in the incident but now, the news is coming about the 9th Astroworld victim who has died on Wednesday after battling hard for her. The name of the 9th victim is Bharti Shahani. Her family is completely heartbroken after her demise. A video of Bharti Shahani has been going viral on Reddit. Her family is going through a tough time. People are searching online to know more details about her. In this article, we are going to give all the details of Bharti Shahani. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bharti Shahani

Bharti Shahani Dropped On Head Video

As per the sources, Bharti Sahani suffered several heart attacks. After admitting her to the hospital, she was on a ventilator with no brain activity. She fought for her life in intensive medical care for several days, but on Wednesday, the doctors declared her dead at 06:50 pm. After which, Bharti’s family decided and announced that they will donate Bharti’s organs for others. They added that they will start a charity in her honor. The family’s attorney James Lessiter has filed a wrongful death claim of $20 million in which several names have been listed including NRG, Live Nation, the Harry Country Sports, Travis Scott, and Convention Corporation.

If we talk about Bharti Shahni, so she was the 9th Astroworld victim. She was 22 years old. She attended the Astroworld Festival in Houston where she become the 9th victim of the incident. She was studying at Texas A&M University. She attended the music festival with her cousin and younger sister whose names are Mohit Bellani and Namrata Shahani respectively. At the time of Travis Scott’s performance, the crowd moved towards the stage and she got separated from her cousin and sister.


Bharti Shahani Bharti Shahani

Who are Bharti Shahani’s Parents? 

Bharti was a beloved child of her parents. Her parents’ names are Sunny and Karishma. Right now, her parents are completely devastated. They lost their young child at the age of 22. Her mother Karishma stated, “Bharti is love always thinking about everybody friends, family, parents, her dog Blue.” Her younger sister Namrata said that Bharti was really excited about this event and it was her first event. It has been said that Bharti was like glue who always kept her family together and close. Bharti Shahani passed away on Wednesday after being injured in the Astroworld music festival incident. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends. May her soul Rest In Peace.

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