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Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai Today’s Episode 16 February 2021: Nehha Pendse Replaced Anita Babhi!


“Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai” is one of the most-watched comedy shows of the & pictures. The show is revolving around the two neighbour couples, the Mishras and the Tiwari’s, in which the husbands are allured to each other’s wives and endeavour numerous ultimately futile and boisterous techniques or tricks to impress them. In today’s episode of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Angoori told Tiwari to give an answer to his neighbour Vibhu.

Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai

Where Tiwari told them he cannot see Vibhu in pain, and in this Vibhu Replies to him I love You, You love me so much. Gupta informed everyone that Anita (Vibhu’s wife) is now out of danger but she got a lot of injuries on her face and for that, they need to do plastic surgery on her face. Everyone became sad after listening to this especially Tiwari who came in a big shock. Gupta comes along with Plastic Surgeon and introduced him to everyone.

Vibhu asked the surgeon that his wife will be going to fine after this surgery and in this reply, the surgeon asked him for the photo of Anita and told him that he will try to match the photo with face and she also got some serious injuries in her neck which damaged her vocal chord. Vibhu does not have any good picture of Anu so he will be scolded by his uncle David who told him that what kind of person you are? you don’t even have a good picture of your wife.

After that Vibhu mother, Helen will show the wedding pictures of Vibhu and Anita in which he replies that she was fat at that time, meanwhile, Angoori And Tiwari both are praying for the good health of Anita. Tiwari became to much upset and saying that he was waiting for her so long time but this accident changed everything why this has happened to her why god you are so unpredictable, why you damaged her faced and make her ugly.

Pandit Ji asked Angoori that is Anita is his sister? In this reply, Tiwari told him that she is her neighbour. Later on, Tiwari and Vibhu start an argument with each other on the topic of Anita’s face surgery Vibhu wanted to make some changes to her face but Tiwari refused to make any changes and this argument lead to a hilarious comedy, but Angoori came there and stop their fighting. For better understanding just watch the episode on &pictures at 10:30 PM or on Zee5 App.

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