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BGMI Ultimate Showdown Event (2022): Everything You Need To Know


BGMI Ultimate Showdown Event (2022): Everything You Need To Know: Recently Krafton has announced the Ultimate Showdown and Play Hard events in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) have been disabled due to some technical in the event. This news is roaring on the web since it has been revealed by the game developing company, Krafton distributes and develops video games it is a South-Korean-based company. BGMI game’s fans are in shock and many queries are developing in their minds such as what will happen to their vouchers and unused token that were earned during the showtime in the event of Battlegrounds Mobile India? and when will the event resume? Here is everything to learn that is a must to know regarding the game event. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

BGMI Ultimate Showdown Event

BGMI Ultimate Showdown Event

If you are a fan of BGMI or a game lover of this game then you should read this blog till the last line as we have mentioned all the necessary details regarding events and players’ coupons. BGMI is famous for its continuous efforts to hook its player with its often new concepts and events and it is also very common in this type of video game that events do not run as it has been programmed by the developer and the Ultimate Showtime and Play Hard events is that type of case which is seemingly taken down by the developers on 27th January 2022 due to technical issue. And the actual reason for the event’s inactivity has not been specified yet and there is also no information of when will this Ultimate Showtime and Play Hard event resume.

Gamers and BGMI players are worried about their coupons and voucher which are still unused but they don’t have to think too much about it as they can use their unused token in other event tokens like Lucky Spin or Avalanche X-Suit along with Classic Crate Scrapes and also the exchange ratio has been set as 1:1 that means one old token will be exchanged with one new token in the event and the deadline of the exchange offer is 17th February 2022.

The Play Hard event was introduced by Krafton on 25th January 2022 and it has been taken down in just two days after its launch as the dev squad has found an issue with the new event and the team already started their work to fix the bug in the event, “it should be corrected and resumed, we will let you know by a further notice regarding the event” said by Krafton.

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