BGMI M5 Royal Pass Release Date: The good news for the gamers is the most beloved and popular Battlegrounds Mobile India. This online multiplayer battle royale game has exceeded charts to become one of the most downloaded fighting royale games in India. The game offers many events and tournaments, giving players or gamers a chance to win rewards and bonuses. One such astonishing and anticipated reward is the BGMI M5 Royale Pass. The battle pass will bring in many rewards and upgrades for gamers/players. Let’s explore more about this royal pass, so read this entire blog carefully from its start to end. Follow More Update On

BGMI M5 Royal Pass Release Date

BGMI M5 Royal Pass Release Date

Currently, the release date of the BGMI M5 Royal Pass is still under the vails as the developers did not share any such information regarding this topic. Though, the gaming community is buzzing with a tentative release date. To note, the last BGMI M4 Royal Pass was announced on 17th October 2021 of this year. The royal pass would end on Friday, 19th November 2021 around 05:30 AM as per Indian time.

Game publisher Krafton is known to retain the gaming spirit live. Hence, we can expect the BGMI M5 Pass to kick begin after the end of the M4 Royal Pass. For all we know at present, the BGMI M5 Royal Pass might release somewhere between 19th November to 21st November. Plus, the date is perfect as it drops on the weekend, giving gamers/players a chance to grasp the new royale pass as soon as it is released.

The Price Of The BGMI M5 Royal Pass

The BGMI M5 Royal Pass will cost the gamers some UC. For the not aware, the battle royale pass brings in many rewards, skins, and much more. For this, one will have to spend UC, which is basically an in-game currency. As per the rumours, which suggests that BGMI M5 Royal Pass will likely cost around 360 UC for the Elite Royal Pass. The cost of the Elite Plus Royal Pass is around 960 UC.

Rewards And Skins Of BGMI M5 Royal Pass 

As informed earlier, the BGMI M5 Royal Pass is canted to bring in many upgrades, skins and rewards. The new royal pass is expected to come out in the Indian gaming spectre with rewards like AKM Gun Skin, Helmet Skin, Parachute Skin, Pistol Skin and New Backpack. These rewards will help to boost one’s gaming experience.

Not only this, the BGMI M5 Royal Pass is tipped to bring in a new violet colour ScarL skin. With this new violet colour, players have the option to wear the shade on their backpack skins and all levels of helmets. We will know more in the forthcoming days when Krafton will make an official announcement.


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