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Better Call Saul Nacho Death: Ending Explained


Better Call Saul Nacho Death: Ending Explained: If you are a comic book lover and always keen to know more about its latest or upcoming show then you are on the right page. In this blog, we will talk about “Better Call Saul” season 6, 3rd episode ends with Nacho Varga (role played by Michael Mando) making a stunning decision. Keep on reading to know about the breakdown of what occurs and why. Before starting the content we would like to inform our readers that, this article contains a discussion of suicide. Nacho Varga (role played by Michael Mando) assassinates himself in BCS season 6, episode 3’s conclusion, a shocking decision that connects to his whole character arc and changes the future of the show. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Better Call Saul Nacho Death

Better Call Saul Nacho Death

Nacho is one of the Better Call Saul characters disappearing from Breaking Bad, which means he is long been watched as someone who will apparently have to die. That is certainly fit with his story so far as well, as Nacho has progressively gotten in deep with the cartel and discovered himself up against a number of issues on all sides, with no actual chance of running away either way. That is something BCS season 6 has continued, with Nacho stuck in Mexico after his failed killing of Lalo Salamanca (role played by Tony Dalton).

Better Call Saul Nacho Ending Explained

With the Salamancas pursuing him, and Gus Fring (role played by Giancarlo Esposito) happy for him to be assassinated, BCS season 6, episode 3s title, “Rock and Hard Place”, perfectly sums up the dire situation he is in. Nacho manages to purchase himself some leverage with the menace of informing the Salamancas that Gus was behind the Lalo plot if they catch him, but that only works to get him back across the border and his father to safety.

Or else, the time of Nacho is up. Not even Mike Ehrmantraut (role played by Jonathan Banks) can fix this issue, and so it is agreed that Nacho will take the fall, but things do not go as per plan. Instead of sticking to the script of Gus, Nacho takes matters into his own hands and, in BCS season 6, episode3’s conclusion, takes his own life too, a scary end to one of the best characters of the show.

All of that leads to one of the most stunning moments in the history of the show, as Nacho assassinates himself in BCS season 6, episode 3’s ending. Even up to the point he pulls the trigger, it feels like there is going to be another twist, that Mike, who is viewing on through the scope of his own gun, will make a save, or that something else will occur.

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