Very few players within the history of cricket have made their name in the T20 format.  Kevin Pietersen, Ian Bishop, Aakash Chopra, and two rising South African young talents told Betway the greatest T20 players across five categories of the game.

Best T20 Players According to Cricket Legends
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In this interview, they discussed:

  •   The most steady T20 run-scorer of all time.
  •   Why Chris Gayle is the dangerous player of all times
  •   Which mystery spinner was the foremost troublesome to the face of another player in the game.
  •   The best game of Lasith Malinga.
  •   A mind-blowing South African fielder in the game

When asked about the best T20 run-scorer of all time. Rassie Van Dussen states that Virat Kohli always seems to make runs. In the words of Aakash Chopra, Virat has changed the perception of averaging 30s in T20 as he has been averaging 50s for quite a long time. They state that he has a very simple and classic technique for his play that he follows. But it is really crucial in test crickets.

When they were asked for the best six-hitter, this was their answer. Aakash Chopra states Christopher Henry Gayle. As per him no one even comes closest to him as a six-hitting machine in cricket. Kevin Pietersen states that he has a special ability to pick up in mid-on and he just put the flat bat smack on the ball to get a six. He states that it is utterly dismissive of anyone in the field.  As per Lungi Ngidi, when you look at him, he seems to be beside you in every game but when Chris smashes his bat on a ball, it goes directly out of the stadium making him the six-hitter in the game. Ian Bishop states that he has changed the way of T20 battles. It isn’t the same as it used to be before. This is why as per him Gayle is the GOAT of T20 batting

Next, they were asked about their most preferred spinner on the cricket ground. As per Kevin, it is Sunil Narine because he has variations in his bowling technique. Aakash Chopra states that “it’s like going to a different country altogether, take for example China, where everyone around me says a new language and I cannot understand what they are saying” His balls are this kind. Somebody comes in and throws a maiden over, with all the different spinning ball techniques, it definitely takes some time to adjust to such a game. Ian Bishop states that he remembers this type of game and thought it was actually kind of unfair to the other players in his opinion.

Next, we asked about the Death Bowler. For this Kevin states Malinga, he is as good as it gets in death bowling per him. Rassie states that he as a player has faced nothing of such kind in his entire career and life. Lungi states for him that the yorkers he plays are very crucial in the game as well as deadly for the opposite player. Akash states that he actually once bowled a slower Yorkers as the last bowl in the 20th overs in a match just to win an IPL title. No one can ever even think of it as possible.

When asked about the Best Fielders among these players. Ian states that he does not believe anyone in this category to be as better as AB de Villiers. He cannot think of anyone else beating him in this position. He is best at fielding as per Ian. Russie states that some of the catches and the runouts that he inflicted were actually mind-blowing. As per Lungi, his presence on the field has raised the quality of the game just as he was being part of the team. His game raised the chances of winning and the quality of the game for Lungi’s team as per his opinion.


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