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Bentley Driver Arrested: Why was Bentley Driver Arrested? Details Revealed


SINGAPORE – Bentley Driver Arrested: Why was Bentley Driver Arrested In SINGAPORE? Charges Explained: Even after making several strict traffic rules, the accidents are not taking the name to stop. As per media reports, A 61-year-old man has been apprehended after “menacing” moves to push back Bedok school staff. The act of a male driver was captured in a video in which he was seen pushing against a security officer with his automobile at Red Swastika School in Bedok North. In a statement which was released on Tuesday 11th January 2022, the cops stated that they were alerted to an accident engaging a car driver and security guard at the primary school and this accident has happened at 11:40 AM. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Bentley Driver Arrested

Bentley Driver Arrested

The statement further added that “The 61-year-old male driver was apprehended for a rash act causing damage. The 62-year-old male security guard sustained minor wounds. Cops investigations are already going on.” The apprehend comes after the Union of Security Employees informed the news website that it had lodged a police complaint against a driver.

The union’s general secretary, Mr. Raymond Chin stated that it had done so at around noon on Tuesday. “We lodged it as we think it is not right for the driver to treat the security office in this manner.” A post on Facebook posted by the union on Tuesday recognized the security officer engaged as Mr. Neo Ah Whatt. England Rugby Star Arrested: Who Is England Rugby International Player Arrested?

Why was Bentley Driver Arrested?

The union stated in the post: “The union is very anxious and disturbed by the case of physical abuse. It is especially shocking given that the offender had consciously driven against the flow of traffic, into the officer, in order to just get his way into the direction of the school. The fury from the community and on social media is entirely justified because of how the driver had endangered the life of Brother Ah Whatt, kids on their way to school and others.”

It adjured everyone to respect security officers and not to insult, harras and abuse them. It added that they had provided Mr. Neo with “some relief vouchers and sustenance.” In a Facebook on the same day, Chan Chun Sing, Education Minister stated that his ministry was watching into the case.

A video of the incident, which was making rounds on social media platforms, viewed a white Bently automobile inching forward against a security officer outside the entry door of the primary school. This was in the spite of tries by the officer and a school staff member to stop the car from entering the school compound.

Mr Chin stated that the incident occurred at 07:30 AM on Tuesday.

A piece of news is coming straightly from Singapore. The news is about a driver who was arrested after threatening to kill a security officer. Yes, you read it right that a driver was captured threatening a security officer to kill him with his Bentley at Red Swastika School on Tuesday morning. The video has been circulating on the internet and receiving much attention from the netizens. The video has been watched by many people who are sharing their thoughts on the matter. There are many people who are seeking all details regarding the matter. In this article, we are going to provide you with all the information regarding the matter.

As per the sources, the incident took place on 11 January 2022, Tuesday. Since the video broke out, everyone started talking about the incident. In the video, the driver can be seen despite being prevented from entering the primary school in Bedok, the driver drove his white car multiple times, pushing the security officer back. 61 years old driver was detained after his unacceptable behavior. On Tuesday evening, a statement was released by the officials in which they said that they were reported about the incident at around 11:40 is, that happened in Bedok North Avenue 3.

The police reported that 62 years old security officer was suffered from some minor injuries and the police investigation has still been ongoing. Apart from this, the Minister of Education, Chang Chun Sing has been involved in the investigation of the incident. He took his Facebook account and talked about the incident. He said that he knew about this video in which, “a driver trying to enter a school and even using his car to engage in dangerous maneuvers against a security officer and a school staff.”

He called the incident “an unacceptable behavior”, He said that being adults, we should set a positive example for our upcoming generation about, “how we treat others with respect and abide by the rules that are in place for the collective security of our school community.” In the video, the Bentley driver can be seen pushing the guard who was in front of his vehicle so that he could stop him from entering the school. A school staff member also came to talk to him. However, the driver is well now and recovering at his home. Whenever the police officers will share further information, we’ll update you for sure. Till then, stay tuned with us for more updates.

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