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Benjamin Aitken Arrested: Why was Brilliant Artist Benjamin Aitken Arrested? revealed


Benjamin Aitken Arrested: Why was Brilliant Artist Benjamin Aitken Arrested? revealed: The arrest news of prominent figures is common news to hear these days. One after another many prominent figures are involved in several crimes and end up lending in jail. In this list one more name is added, as per the reports, the renowned artist Benjamin Aitken was apprehended over the charges of meth and gun possession. He is a Melbourne- born Australian artist who has served for a firm specializing in the handling of art. The self-taught artist, Benjamin is the founding director of the Nicholas Foundation, an itinerant gallery, and a public collection. He won the year 2018 Tony Fini Foundation Prize at the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Furthermore, he has also been a finalist in the Archibald Prize in the year 2017, 2018 2019, and 2020. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Benjamin Aitken Arrested

Benjamin Aitken Arrested

The superb and brilliant artist Benjamin Aitken was apprehended over gun possession and meth charges when the detectives knocked on the door to execute a search warrant on 26th October. In his Melbourne apartment, cops reportedly found a major drug dealing corporation at the time of their search. The authorities discovered more than 90 grams of MDMA which later turned out methamphetamine. They also discovered ketamine, cannabis, cocaine, mushrooms, acid, and prescription medication as per the police.

Why was Brilliant Artist Benjamin Aitken Arrested?

In addition to drugs, the officers also found a Winchester 12-gauge shotgun and 17 rounds of ammunition, which had been a theft from its registered owner at the time of a burglary in Lavington, NSW in the year 2002. They even discovered thousands of dollars in cash, 6 iPhones, and a money counter. On the devices, cops discovered messages on the encrypted app Wicker pointing towards drug trafficking. Benjamin Aitken along with his friend Shannon McCulloch was charged with drug trafficking and the maximum prison time for trafficking is 25 years old.

Who is Benjamin Aitken?

Age of Benjamin Aitken is 30 years old and he was born in the year 1991 in Melbourne Australia but his birth month is not known. He was raised in Bayside and attended Sandringham Secondary College. He is a hit and accomplished artist whose work contained exhibitions in the United States, South Korea, and Thailand. In the meantime, he does not have a Wikipedia page at present. Though, he had no difficulty selling his artwork and is very much in demand.

After the alleged drug case, his attorney Ms. Franjic construct a very good case of releasing him. According to his bail requirement, his passport was forfeited and he must join a residential drug rehabilitation facility.

As we reported earlier the artist Benjamin Aitken is facing serious charges which lend him to prison. The Archibald finalist was recently alleged of drug abuse. As soon as his arrest news appeared online the netizens are looking to know more details about Benjamin Aitken and his case. Most of the readers also want to know who is Benjamin Aitken? In this blog we are covering all the details we gathered so far but before that let’s have a brief look at him. Benjamin Aitken is a self-taught artist who serves for International Arts Services, and an art handling company.

His abstract text-based paintings are popular. Benjamin is no stranger to art awards, as he has been a finalist for the Archibald Prize on many occasions. To name a few, he was a semifinalist for the Drug Moran National Portrait Prize in the year 2019 and also a finalist for the Sir John Sulman Prize in the year 2020. Furthermore, his nameless figurative artwork was selected as a competitor for the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize in the year 2020/21.

Who Is Benjamin Aitken? Archibald Finalist Accused Drug Abuse

The Archibald Prize finalist Benjamin Aitken, along with his friend and fellow artist Shannon McCulloch, is regarded as a rising star for his representations of a demimonde of sleaze and drugs. It was unusual for them to keep their motivation a secret. Mr. Aitken has the words “drug money” tattooed on his right palm and proudly showcases their guns on the web. The painting of Mr. McCulloch includes obvious drug motives and he just earned a $10,000 Brett Whiteley art prize.

After a cop’s search on the property of Mr. Aitken, authorities found a commercial quantity of ice, drug-dealing accessories, and a theft sawn-off shotgun, a court heard that the 2 were allegedly doing more than experimenting with creative concepts. Mr. McCulloch and Mr. Aitken were sharing in the success of both being chosen 2021 Archibald finalist in the months directing up to their apprehend. When officers came to the home of Mr. Aitken at 09:00 AM on 26th October to execute a search warrant.

Cops reportedly found a big drug-dealing operation inside the Franklin Street flat in CBD of Melbourne. Police found their search, but testing later disclosed it was methamphetamine the Melbourne Magistrates Court heard this week. He is currently 30 years old and holds an Australian nationality.

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