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After he spends off much of his time taping weekly HBO show in the year 2020 from his home due to the coronavirus, Bill Maher is finally going to return to L.A. which is based upon the studio in the last September, although there is going to be limited audiences. the show is not going to have a live audience which is going to fill up the room because of the coronavirus complications as live guests are going to be six feet apart from each other, this is going to continue on for the 19th season when we talk about real-time, it has returned in mid-January and it was seen that Maher was booting Donald Trump in a hilarious manner from the White House.

Ben Shapiro Bill Maher Episode

Ben Shapiro Bill Maher Episode

There has been a recent episode in which the comedian has introduced its viewers to a new segment that is going to provide an inside look into the newly elected Republican party’s senator. the new episode is her which came on 6th August and Maher is finally back and people are pretty happy about it and the show is going to be aired at the usual time of 10:00 pm and this is going to happen after his typical month-long hiatus in the month of July.

Maher is going to be speaking with a two-time Olympic gold medalist in swimming naming Donna de Varona, also the host of conservative podcast Ben Shapiro and also the owner of KBLA talk 1580 Radio who is also a host Tavis Smiley. and this year the host is seeing to be taking an unexpected two-week absence as he was tested positive for Covid-19, the new segment was introduced on 21st January 2021 and he went on to introduce a new class of Republican senators as Trump was send-off.

Bill Maher Ben Shapiro Twitter

If you even slightly think, Maher has softened up when it comes to his opinions about the Republicans because of Trump leaving the White House, well you are mistaken if it is what you are thinking, the segment was called “Hello douchebags”.

Maher was brutal and was to the point and direct about what he wanted to state as this is how he has been addressing the issues in his own way, he was blunt and witty, he had no fear in his eyes while speaking about the controversial topics and was being pretty confident while making his points.

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