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BCCI, Viacom and Sony-ZEE combine Cheers From IPL Bidding


The recent big news is coming from the games and sports fields as the news is about cricket, cricket fans from India and all over the world are excited and wanted to know this latest update which is released to the social media platforms sn many news channels, and after pandemic and this is the first time the sporting event is going to be organized on such large scale. as this news is released many social media and other news platforms are flooded with the searchers and the details are given below know just continue reading, Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

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This is the big Cricket event known as IPS’s the four-year slot of this event is bidden and the bidders raised the bidding value for the event a multiple times, as compared to the previous slot as the three big cheers for the IPS 2023 to 2027, for the recently concluded bidding of the various categories of rights of IPL for next four years form the year 2023 to 2027,  as the three winner bidders including BCCI, Viacom, sony ZEE combine,

While talking at a conference N Chandramouli, the CEO of TRA Research, says there are three vectors in the outcome of IPL biding as the BCCI has become a national winner with license fees increased multiple times as it now touching a shocking peak, the second winner for the outcome of bidding is Viacom the company which will get new hype in the subscriber’s number on the bases of IPL huge fan following, and the third one is SONY and Zee together.

As the from bid outcome is BCCI sold media rights of IPL for the year 2023-2027 Seasons is of Rs 483.9 billion which is nearly three times as for the previous season of the year 2018-2022, Disney has occupied TV as 16.7 % on per match basis on IPL for the year 2023-2027 seasons per year. Disney and its stars won TV rights for Rs 235.8 billion for the 2023-2027 Seasons, Viacom-18 has occupied digital rights as a package in B+C form for Rs 237.6 billion for 2023-2027 Seasons, Viacom-18+ times internet has taken over for overseas rights for 10.6 billion for 2023-2027 Seasons, star and Disney together garnered revenue of 30 billion and subscription revenue of 7.5 billion together in total.

Disney bet for IPL to gain credit in TV Adex, Hotstar garnered AD revenue of 11 billion, a subscription sum of Rs 12 billion, Viacom bid for 580 million, with IPL media rights sold for Rs 484 billion and assuming central sponsorship of Rs 65 billion, estimated central cost of rs 5.5 billion/year, from BCCI on each team as now the revenue for IPL has increased to 6.25-7 billion/year, sponsorship sum of rs 0.5-1 billion, gate fees sum of rs 0.3-5 billion, assuming the 33% hike in player fee sum to rs 1.2 billion,

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