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BBC Laura Kuenssberg Dominic Cummings: Agree With Him Or Not, Dominic Cummings’s Words Matter


Being in politics for 20 years it is in my heart to get to know more about the seniors and theme well. He is also exclaiming that he wants to keep all the political figures of the party so that he can do hod work well and with heart. But I don’t know any politician who use to do something against the parties by filling ears and doing something so unexpected.

BBC Laura Kuenssberg Dominic Cummings

BBC Laura Kuenssberg Dominic Cummings

He has been out of the party along with Boris Johnson. Mr cumming erupted thousands of words about the flaws of Mr. johnson. He even provides the unbelievable election to the constitution for scene hours, they believe that it went the wrong dude to the pandemic. He has been slugged to write it against so that he can include himself also in it.

Well, he uses to tell you that Mr. Cummings never get ready to sit here before this, and he is in the questionnaire to himself about helping Mr. Johnson, also need to secure to save a deal of Brexit and an election victory too.

Once he promises to take the interview, so we asked him whatever he will be going to answer our all questions regards this. Whilst the questions include How he used to run that campaign and does it was easy for him to manage? Then he has been changed in the next five years as things don’t remain the same.

Whereas the oppositions of the Cumminmg’s claims thet he was in the political trauma. Then he becomes a household personality or a name due to the outrage of the public. No one can become closer to the government for more than a year.

Only Mr. Johson was the one who cunted his own decisions and judgments. Whereas he is the only politician who has been created a huge difference.

He is the one who has been the news headlines and attracted the audience and ther are numerous memes on him. There are numerous people who are from the conservative party who is on the surety that his credibility is short duet o he used to try to attack on Mr. Johnson in the last months.

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