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BB15: Bigg Boss 15 28th October 2021 full episode written update: BB Cancelled Captaincy Task


BB15: Bigg Boss 15 28th October 2021 full episode written update: BB Cancelled Captaincy Task: We are back with the written update of your most favorite and much-liked reality show, Bigg Boss 15. This show is creating buzz over social media and the audience is appreciating the same of the inmates. So for you, all we are here with is the written episode update of tonight’s episode is going to be jammed with lots of dun and entertainment. Other than this we will be going to see a heated argument among the inmates. The show is at the top of the TRP list due to the concert. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss 15

So as we know that in yesterday’s episode Captaincy’s task has been canceled. Hence in tonight’s episode, we will be going to see that Bigg Boss announces the new talk to them and he also tells them that the who won this will be the captain of the week. So the big boss tells them to choose any two contents this you think can be great entertainers and then they both will be facing off each other for the captaincy feat. After this, all the housemates will be going to involve in the conversations and they choose Jay and Vishal for this. But Prateek will take a stand for himself and he said that “I will also going to be a great entertainer and I have that capability more than this tow to entertain the audience.  Thus I want to participate in this see this task will going to be canceled.”

The inmates get tensed to his stubborn demand and they use to request him also not to do so else these tasks will be canceled and there will be no captain in the house. But he stuck to his decision. Later Bigg Boss announces that there will be no tasks and the captaincy opportunity has been taken over to all. this disappoints all the inmates and they all use to taunt Prateek. Later they even see getting believed into the heated arguments with each other.

Other than this we will also be going to see romantic vibes between Tejaswani and Karana Kundra. She calls him Kundari and asks him about her looks. Then he is standing there used to compliments her and also advise her about her hair. Ther might be a new love angel in the house. So stay tuned to us to gran mote written update and watch the full episode only on colors tv.

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