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BB15: Bigg Boss 15, 14th December 2021, Written Update, Tejasswi Crying After Karan and Tejasswi Big Fight


BB15: Bigg Boss 15, 14th December 2021, Written Update, Tejasswi Crying After Karan and Tejasswi Big Fight: We are back with the written update of the most-watched reality show named “Bigg Boss 15” that airs on Colors TV. The show has been getting intense with high voltage drama. As we all know that the show is best-known for its drama and fights among the viewers. The competition has been started to become the finalist of season 15. The show has got the first finalist of this season who is Rakhi Sawant. Yes, the show is coming close to its end which is making the audience curious to know who will complete till the last to win the title of the show. Here, you will get the highlights of tonight’s episode. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss 15

In the upcoming episode, the viewers are going to see an intense fight between their favorites Tejaswi Prakash and Karan Kundra (TejRan). Yes, you read it right that Teja and Karan will be seen getting involved in a heated argument that will go to the next level when Karan also gets furious and shouts in the house. Apart from this, another Ticket to Finale task will happen in which all the housemates will be seen seriously involved. Let’s see who will be the next finalist for season 15.

The latest promos show an intense fight between Tejaswi and Karan where Rashmi is also involved. It all happens when Rashmi says to Tejaswi that her insecurity can be seen clearly for Karan. She says that she is getting insecure with her. Rashmi says that she will stay away from Karan. Later, Rashmi says to Karan that Teja is getting insecure with her, don’t know why? She says that she is messing up with the wrong person. After that, Karan, Teja, and Rashmi will be seen at the dining table where they try to sort out the things but they turned ugly.

Rashmi says that Teja has a problem if she talks to Karan to which Tejaswi asks if she really thinks that. Rashmi says that she has said this herself and it is recorded on the camera. Karan tries to calm Tejaswi down but she gets angrier and shouts at Karan.

Ahead, Karan also gets furious and throws a glass. He shouts at Tejaswi and asks how can she talk to him like this. He says that he is insulting him on national television. Tejaswi says that she was trying to talk to him to which Karan asks her not to talk to him in this tone. Tejaswi then will be seen crying. What turn will take TejRan’s relationship after this intense fight? If you want to know this, then watch the full episode of “Bigg Boss 15” on Colors at 10:30 pm.

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