Here we are with the written episode of the most entertaining show “BB Jodigal”. The show tonight is going to be jammed up with entertaining content which will be going to make the audience laugh a lot. The contestants will be seen performing all the challenges with full grace and dignity to won “best performer tonight”. While the participants are performing the task they will be seen enjoy them too.

BB Jodigal

BB Jodigal Elimination

There is news about Vanitha Vijaylumar that she has been walked out of the show. This has been confirmed by herself only as she took to her social media account on which she gave a statement. She comes in her statement that “one of the senior celebrities used to bullied and harassed her on the show. And ‘i can’t take this shit on me thus I decided to walk out of the show.”

She even ca[tioned what she has been posted. And the caption reads “Thanks a lot to the @Vijaytelevision for giving this opportunity to become that part of the most entertaining show. It is about my self-respect and I’m sorry to my fans for walking out of the show.”

She gave one more statement in which she talked about the over she receives from the fans, “I would like to thank my fans, friends, media, and well-wishers for supporting me ins the role of kali on BBjodigal. So I want the audience to see the work they have done in the show. I can’t accept the bullying and harassment as I can’t bear that short on me. Bijay ‘Yv ‘is just like a family for me as ‘-Bigg Boss season 3 has given me so much respect and fans.

Then she further added that “it is difficult to tolerate the things by someone who is senior to you. It isn’t good to hurt someone who is more junior to you. I’m a single mother who is blessed with three children and doing artwork for the children I have. Thus this behavior is so insulting and heartbreaking. Women must understand another woman and should also respect.”

The show tonight is going to be jammed up with this also. So don’t forget to watch the show on Vijay Tv.


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