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Bawara Dil, Written Update, 25th May 2021, Shiva Saves The Day!


In the new episode of the serial you are going to see Bubbli, Bunty, and Kaka who are looking at Ishwar’s house as he is thinking to himself that it is time for him to start the show and then he starts with it stating that everyone needs to look at the cupboards as Malini is stating that anyone can check if they feel like and Kaka goes on to check them but he is not able to find the necklace and he goes on to throw it but is still not able to find it and then Malini offers him help in finding the necklace to which Kaka is pretty confused as he is not able to understand that where has the necklace went away.

Bawara Dil

Bunty enters the scene as he is asking him that what is he so tense about to which he replied that if he is not able to find the necklace then Mangala is definitely going to kill him, now there is going to be a new scene in which you are going to see Soni who is explaining to Vijiya that Maa doesn’t want Sidhi to learn how to make Chpati’s and that is why she has been doing all of this, Sidhi along with the others has come back and the first thing Mangala asks of Kaka is to give her the necklace and then Sidhi tells her that he went at her father’s house but he was not able to find the necklace after which Mangala got a little worked up as she stated that id it is not there then it can’t be anywhere else as she states that there is no other place that she can think of where the necklace can be and Shiva enters the scene and he is glaring at her mother.

He asks her mother that why is she getting so tensed as she replies by saying that her necklace has gotten stolen and she doesn’t know what to do at this point in time and then Shiva tells his mother to calm down and tells her that the necklace must be somewhere here only and tells her calm down a bit to which Kaka replied that they have checked the whole house but have been not able to find the necklace and then Shiva says that have they checked Ishwar’s house to which Kaka gets shocked and says that how does he know about that to which Shiva replied that he knows everything that happens in the village so he doesn’t need to get so shocked and then he says that is going to check the house himself and then goes on to do so.

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