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Bawara Dil 28th May 2021 written update: Siddhi’s Appalling Decision!


The episode begins with Shiva is falling in love with Sisghi and he can’t live without her as he sues to think about her all the time which is making him a little worried. He is trying his best not to think about her this much and focus on his work. While on the other side Sisghi is also going through the sea feelings.

Bawara Dil

Yes, she has been also falling in love with Shiva. Shiva wonders about Sishi’s western look and he is getting more and more into her. But he is trying to control his feelings as he can’t express them to Sidhi. Later we will see that Sidhi suspected his behavior and wonders why is he behaving so strangely? But she is unaware of his feelings for her. Let’s take a look at it. Shiva’s mother has been also noticed changes in his behavior and wonders why is he behaving like this.

Hence she decided to know why Shiva is behaving so strangely and he even seems tense. Whereas Shiva is also worried and wondering how to control his feelings. We can see that he is struggling with his feelings for Shiva. Then Sidhi comes to him while he is having food but he used to keep clear of her. How this reaction of him makes Sidhi wonder about him as she is finding him wired.

Whereas Sisdhi is also falling for him gradually but she isn’t aware of her feelings for him. Now we will be going to see how Shiva controls his feelings? Or he will be unable to do so? And then another question is whether Sosdhi also knows about her feelings for Shiva? Will they go to confess their love to each other for we have to wait for long? Another question is how Shiva’s is mother going to create separation between Shiva and Sisdhi?

To know the answer to these questions you have to watch the full episode on colors tv from Monday to Friday. For the written episode update stay tuned to us.

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