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Bawara Dil, 1st July 2021, Today’s Episode, Written Update: Shiva Refuses To Remarry!


The serial is portraying a high voltage of drama in the current track which is highly watched by the audiences. Today’s episode begins with Yashwant who is talking to Vijaya and says we are going out to eat. He asks Sidhi and tells her that we are going out but Vijaya says I am sorry I can not join us as my sister is coming today so I am going to meet her at mom’s house. Yashwant says if you want I can change the plan but Vijaya asks them to not do this and says he will join them next time for sure.

Bawara Dil

She leaves from that place. Yashwant asks Mangala also. He asks Sidhi to inform Soni that they are going to hang out. Soni says why don’t you tell him yourself. Sidhi goes to Soni and asks her Is everything is fine? Soni says but when he asked you to tell Shiva, you just changed the topic. Sony says actually I am angry with Shiva.

Sidhi says no that’s wrong, it’s my battle with him but he is your brother, he loves you so much, he can do anything for you so you are lucky. Does Soni say you think he can do anything for my happiness? On the other side, Sarkar encounters Sagar and asks if you don’t mind he can join his friend’s party? He says he wants someone to mix ice in his drinks. Sagar says ok I will come.

Shiva talks to Jalwa that we need to take care of Yashwant. He informs him that his father is going to Mumbai, you always need to be around him and don’t worry I will look after your accommodation and pay you for this. You always need to take care of him but remembers one thing he will never get to know that I sent you there. You need to be his friend in order to look after him.

The person gets to agree on this. Jalwa surprisingly asks Shiva why don’t you tell Yashwant that you are sending a person with him. In this answer, Shiva says he will never agree on this. Jalwa says I know your relationship is not well with him. He notices Sidhi and requests her to not say anything to anyone and just keep the secret. The episode ends here we will soon back with further updates till then watch this episode of “Bawara Dil” on the colors channel at 10:30 Pm and always be connected with us.

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