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Bawara Dil 14th May 2021 full episode written update: Shiva Impresses Siddhi’s Parents!


In the new episode, you are going to see Shiva and Sidhi are having a conversation with each other as she states that her parents did invite her and him for a dinner but she has said no to that and Shiva says that he knows and he has said yes to her family as she gets shocked and says what is he talking about and he repeats that he has said yes to which she says that why didn’t he ask her about this and he replied that she didn’t ask him when she took the decision to say no and further stated that they are his parents too and he can say whatever he wants directly to them and he further stated

Bawara Dil

She can say whatever she wants to her father but she doesn’t need to lie about him to his father-in-law as she says that she has never lied about him to her parents to which he replied that she did state that he doesn’t have any time for dinner and then she says that yes she has said this because he is always out there doing some or the other work as he asks her that who is she to tell him where he needs to go and where he doesn’t need to go to which she replies that she has all the right in the world as she is her wife as he states that she needs to stop making useless relationships with him after which she says that this is the reason she has told her parents that he is busy.

He further states that they are my in-laws and she doesn’t need to speak for him to them and further stated that they have invited me so he is going to go as she says that he needs to stop with his big talks as she states that they both know that he is going to forget about these new relationships that he has made in no time as Shiva has received a call from Bai to which he replies that he’ll be coming

After which Sidhi smirks and asks him about what the call was for as she further states that doesn’t he has to show up at his father-in-law’s house for dinner to which he replies that yes he very well knows that he has to go there as he has promised his father-in-law so he’s definitely going to get there no matter what as he states that he never breaks his promises as he leaves form there as she is thinking to herself that he is so ill-mannered.

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