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Bathobile Mlangeni Arrested: Why was Bathobile Mlangeni Arrested? CCTV Footage Explained


Bathobile Mlangeni Arrested: Why was Bathobile Mlangeni Arrested? CCTV Footage Explained: After a great attempt a former security guard who had been on the run after reportedly larceny R4m in the year 2019 was apprehended last week. This arrest has happened after the Gauteng task team for severe and violent crime got a tip-off that she was hiding in Zola, Soweto. As per the latest report, Bathobile Mlangeni (29-years-old), who was an employee at cash-in-transit firm SBV, reportedly cut open two bulk cash bags and put the hard cash into refuse bags. Her crime was later caught on CCTV footage reportedly walking out with the trolley in which she was carrying bags. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bathobile Mlangeni Arrested

Bathobile Mlangeni Arrested

The spokesperson of Police, Mavela Masondo stated that they got a clue that she was hiding in Zola, Soweto. She further says “The former employee of SBV who was sought for claimed theft of millions of rands was apprehended on Thursday, 6th of January 2022 in Zola, Soweto, she appeared Friday, 14th January 2022 in court on a charge of robbery.”

Why was Bathobile Mlangeni Arrested?

On Friday morning, Mlangeni comes up in the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court, where her bail hearing was deferred to Monday, 17th January for legal representation. As per other news reports, Mlangeni wearing a light-colored blouse, made her first comes up at the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court yesterday, where she applied for legal help. As we already mentioned over her bail hearing was deferred to Monday for a legal help lawyer to be appointed for her.

Who Is Bathobile Mlangeni And Her Crime? CCTV Footage

Bathobile Mlangeni was worked as a security guard at one of the biggest cash-in-transit firms in South Africa. She reportedly cut open 2 bulk hard cash bags and transferred the money into a number of waste bags prior to placing them in a trolley and walking out the Mall of SA, where she was on duty.

After 2 weeks Mlangeni reportedly executed the audacious theft in the month of July 2019, she desired to refuse in a 3-roomed RDP house in Buhle Park township, closed to Germiston, under the excuse of being on the run from “an abusive beau”. The police eventually tracked her down to her hiding or mysterious place in Soweto last week. Currently, only this much information is available as soon as we find any new development we will update this section.

A woman has been arrested two years after reportedly stealing R4 million from her employer SBV. Yes, you read it right that the woman got arrested recently and made the headlines everywhere. The news of her arrest has been going viral on social media platforms. The netizens have been continuously reacting to the news and sharing their thoughts regarding her arrest. The incident took place in the year 2019. Several people are aware of this news, while some are showing their interest now, to know the whole matter. In this article, you will get all the information about the woman and the matter related to her.

As per the sources, the woman was on the run after stealing R4 million from her employer SBV in 2019. Recently, she got arrested and ordered to appear on Friday. The arrested woman has been identified as 29 years old Bathobile Miangeni. A spokesperson from Gauteng police named Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masond has confirmed the news of the woman’s arrest. He stated, “Police can confirm that the former employee of SBV, who was sought for the alleged theft of millions of rands, was arrested in Zola, Soweto, on Thursday, 6 January 2022.” The police have been searching for her for two years.

It was also revealed by the spokesperson that the woman who was arrested and charged with theft, is supposed to be appeared in the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court on Monday for applying for bail. Earlier, it was reported that Miangeni was spotted on CCTV footage while stuffing millions of rands into disposal bags at SBV’s cash depot at the Mall of African in Midrand. Furthermore, the woman cut open two bulk cash bags and pour the money into the rubbish bags kept them in a trolley, and left from there.

Later, she didn’t come back to her work and after that, her whereabouts were not known. Her former employer from SBV Services appealed to the general public to help the police for more information regarding the incident. After getting the news, several media sources went to the National Prosecuting Authority and SBV for their comment. Although, they didn’t issue any statement at the time of writing. As soon as we will get more information regarding the matter, we’ll update you with further information. Till then stay tuned with getindianews for more such national and international news.

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