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Barwon Heads Road Accident: Fatal crash closes Breakwater Road and Barwon Heads Road


Barwon Heads Road Accident: We are saddened while we are writing this news as it is again about the most horrifying accident. This is our fourth accidental news of the day and it is clear that the data of the death rates due to road accidents has been raised as per the data of the last month. We all know that there are several different reasons for the accident and the reason due to which these accidents are occurring is the high speed of the riders and drivers. So it is our responsibility to not cause damage to anyone and also to not ruin anyone’s life. So we just have to take control of our speed. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Barwon Heads Road Accident

Barwon Heads Road Accident

The accident has been taking place at Breakwater Road and Barwin Heads Road. The police were informed by the other travelers o the road at the same time. And as per the source or the spokesperson of Victoria, the ambulance was informed at 12:15 Pm hence from this is clear that the indecent was taken place in the morning. And when the ambulance reached the spot they first used to be treated the victim at the same time but the male victim lost his life at the same time.

The police are still investigating the same case and the accident has occurred between a cement truck and a cyclist. And a cyclist has been lost his life. The cement truck driver is also injured but he is safe and his injuries aren’t severe. Whereas as per the repost he will going to face jail now as he took over the life of an innocent one.

If we go deep into the same them we are lack information on the accident which includes How does the accident occur? What is the exact time when this incident took place? What is the name of the victim and the suspect? How old is the suspect is? And what was the age of the victim? Where was the victim going? Who was the one to inform the police at the incident spot? For how long did police impose a closure on the road so that they could investigate the matter? How long it would be took for the officials to reach the spot? So the police are still investigating it so when we will get the investigation report will going to update you soon on the same platform.

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