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Barrister Babu, Written Update, 4th June 2021, Bonita Notices Fire!


The episode begins with the confusion for Thaku Maa, she has been the confusion about what Baba is doing. Baba tells Tahku Maa to lighted Diyas around and inside Bondita’s room. Which has been told by Anirudh to Baba. While Rupa tries to exclaim to Thaku Maa that this Baba has so much knowledge and whatever he is telling you to do you must follow this and everything will be fine soon.

Barrister Babu

After this, we will be going to see that Anirudh gets to Bomdiat and he tells her t come with him on the terrace as he has something very important to share with her. Then they go on the terrace where they use to share time some good and happy moments with each other. Both of them will be seen laughing a lot along with each other. They not only stop here and eat Rasgulas’ which are brought by Anirudh as he knows that Bondita fond of sweets. After this Bondita tells Anirudh that she loves him and Anirudh also tells her the same.


Then we will see that the fire catches around the Thaku Maa’s room due to a lighted Diya’s while she has been sleeping inside the room. It has been noticed by the Bondita and she tells Anirudh to help Thaku Maa but he dines to help and tells Bomdiyta to go and save Thanku Maa but Bonduta says that she can’t touch the water as she is going through a period and she hasn’t allowed touching the water. But Anirudh makes her understand that saving a life of a person is more serious than what is she saying and he leaves from there.

After this Bonafist runs and she picks up a water bucket and throws it to distinguish a fire. Later Anirudh also helps Bondita. Thaku Maa notices that it s Bondita who saves her life. The next morning all the village people come to Thaku and they keep on asking her about last night’s incident. The episode ends here to watch the full episode on Colors tv.

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