We are back with some interesting updates of your favorite serial barrister babu. Today bondita will expose munshi in front of the family members. Bondita tells everyone that munshi is the one who is helping that fake girl and because of him Anirudh is facing so many health issues. Trilochans slaps munshi and asks why he did that? Munshi tells them that, because Anirudh and bondita Saurabh died and they also stopped the sati pratha, that’s why I want to take revenge. But because of bondita every time I get fail in my plan. Bondita says till the time I am with Pati babu nothing can happen to him.

Barrister Babu Written Update

Trilochan warns Munshi and says he will get him arrested. Then Bihari asks Anirudh what he has to do with Shubra now. Anirudh forgave her and bondita ask Bihari to drop her at her aunt’s house. Bondita says soon will be perfectly fine with the treatment. Anirudh says he knows when his protection shield is there for him then nothing can happen to him. both of them smile. The next day Anirudh is placing a nail on the wall. Bondita asks him to take a rest but Anirudh says this is his dream. Bondita becomes really surprised when she sees both of them in Barrister’s outfit in the frame.

Then Anirudh gifts a lawyer cap to Bondita. She becomes really happy. Anirudh says you will become a barrister. Then bondita says it means I also need to read big books and people will call me barrister babu as well. Bondita acts like a barrister. While Trilocha is very happy with bondita and thank goddess to bless his family with such a daughter in law. Bondita says now nobody will blame sampoorna for anything. Bondita was about to tell everything that happens in Nirudh’s sickness bit just then listen to Bihari’s voice.

Both of them go out to see what happens. Then everyone notices sampoorna in garland and indoor. Everyone becomes really shocked when they see Binoy along with sampoorna. Trilochan asks Binoy what is happening. Binoy says he got married to sampoorna and from today onwards she is his wife. Anirudh Questions Binoy that how can he marry a girl of his daughter’s age. Then Anirudh shows his concern to sampoorna and asks if her father has done something with her? let see what will happen when a sister will become the mother in law? Catch the full episode on colors tv and stay tuned for updates.


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