We are back with the upcoming update of the colors tv show ” Barrister Babu”. in the previous episode you saw that Anirudh and Bondita succeed in their plan, as they expose munshi’s truth in from of everyone. now both of them are really happy. From the beginning, they knew that there is no Punarjanam exist in reality. in today’s episode, you will see Anirudh goes somewhere without telling anyone, bondita says he will come. nothing will happen to pati babu. Binoy says that the girls must know where is Anirudh, give her to the police.

Barrister Babu

Just then munshi enters the house. Everybody becomes shocked when they see Anirudh on munshi’s back. Trilochan asks what happened to Anirudh. Binoy asks Anirudh to open his eyes. Munshi says I don’t know what happened, I was going to board the train to Vrindavan, I found Anirudh fallen unconscious. Saurabh sacrifices  his life for Anirudh, I felt I m seeing Saurabh dying again. so I couldn’t rasist myself and I bring him directly home. Binoy asks munshi have you seen someone around Anirudh. Bondita says I won’t let anything happen to him.

Barrister Babu Today’s Episode

Binoy asks bondita to stay calm. She asks Anirudh to stand up and tell them what to do. Doctor asks the family members about Anirudh’s health for the last some d is in fanger as the pulse rate. The doctor takes Anirudh’s health report from the last few days. Then trilochan tells him that, from the last Binoy says it will be according to injury. The doctor says no, did you think he is unwell for some days. Trilochan says yes, he was feeling tired and dizzy from the last few days, he said his sleep wasn’t getting enough, he is stubborn. The Doctor asks did anything comes in his food. Trilochan says no, he is consuming regular food just like us.  Binoy says isn’t this a change, that from the last few days this new girl is feeding him.

Now everybody is under doubt. Trilochan asks sampoorna to leave the house as he doesn’t want the shadow of a widow in his house. Binoy advises him to let sampoorna stay in the haveli till the time Anirudh gets his consciousness back. Trilochan says I have seen her being jealous when she sees both of them laughing.  Bondita says she loves me, how can she be jealous of me. He says stop supporting her, look at Anirudh, the doctor isn’t able to say his illness, how will we get him treated, she has done black magic on Anirudh.

The new girl stills cat stop acting, she says I will do big puja and keep tough Tapasya for saving Anirudh. At the end of the day, Bondita prays god to give her strength so that she can protect Sampoorna and Anirudh. stay tuned for more updates.


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