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Barrister Babu Today’s Episode 6th April 2021 Written Update: Anirudh Accepts Bondita As Her Real Wife!


The wait for the readers is over and we are back with the new update of the show “Barrister Babu”. In today’s episode of the show, the viewers will see a lot of drama which will surely entertain its viewers. So hope this episode will help you to provide all kinds of entertainment for which the viewers are looking for. Let’s start with the update of today’s upcoming show, the episode begins with as usual Bondita. She bumps with a man and the man notices a letter stranded on her clothes. The man is worried that they will get to know that this letter is for Manorama.

Barrister BabuBondita asks the man what he is doing here we already gave you the omen, The man says he lost his path and finding his way. Bondita says I think I have seen you somewhere and then she reminds, that she saw this man in the newspaper. But till then that man runs and she runs behind him. Whereas Manorama thinks she has to take the paper from her. On the other side, Sampoorna makes a plan against Manorama and thinks this is the right time to take out her of the room.

She thinks Manorama will surely get intoxicate by now but instead of her Anirudh is drunken. Anirudh takes the Bhaang and doing the stupid things whereas Manorama succeeds in taking the papers from Bondita. Trilochan asks Anirudh for behaving himself and asks him not to create any scene here as he have a reputation here and now he have two wives but drunk Anridhu says his one marriage is fake. Everyone gets stunned and Trilochand asks him which marriage he is talking about first one or the second one.

Anirudh says the first one and the second one both, he is completely drunk and out of his senses. Trilochand asks to call his wives and even Anirudh asks him to call his real and fake wives. Both his wives arrived and he says my real wife is here, Trilochand thinks he might be talking about Manorama and calls her is his real wife but Anirudh goes to Bondita and seats beside her and says she is my real wife and my best friend. Under the influence of alcohol, he is about the reveal the truth of his second marriage but then Bondita says she is very happy. Is he going, to tell the truth about his second marriage? and what plan Manorama have?

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To know the answers to all these questions the readers need to wait for the next update of the show but till then the readers can read our other articles of their favorite shows and enjoy this episode of “Barrister Babu” on the colors channel at 8:30 PM.

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