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Barrister Babu Today’s Episode 23rd March 2021 Written Update: Manorama’s Wedding


The episode starts with Bondita as she got injured and enters the house. After coming home, she notices sindoor in Manorama’s head and gets stunned. Bondita wonders has her dream come true? She runs away to her room and starts crying. Anirudh notices her bloodstains out of her room and was about to go to her. But he goes to meet Manorama in his room. He says sorry to her as he married her without telling her. She asks him not to say sorry to her as the proposal for false marriage was of her.

Barrister Babu

She says to him after this false marriage, her mission will be completed easily. On the other hand, Bondita is recalling the moments which she and Anirudh shared together. Manorama asks Anirudh to go from the room. She adds that after Kalratri, she will only be seen by Anirudh. Sampooran wonders how she will get to know about the actual reason behind Anirudh and Manorama”s wedding. She questions Binoy about their marriage. He says Anirudh finally got to know that marriage is not only about responsibility but also a man needs something more with his wife.

Sampoorna says this is not only about needs, there is something big reason behind this marriage. Binoy says to her that she is mother-in-law so she can find out the reason. On the other side, Anirudh broke into tears in front of the Goddess saying that whatever he has done, it was his compulsion. He keeps flame on his hand. He says to Dugga Maa that Bondita’s success will be his main concern for life. He adds that he is ready to take any allegation on him only for Bondita. Meanwhile, Trilochan and a servant are trying to encourage Bondita.

On the other, Anirudh is praying in front of the Goddess saying that he is ready to do anything for his Bondita. He wanted to make Bondita the same as she was before. He wants that Bondita who always dreams to become a Barrister Babu. Bondita asks Trilochan why Anirudh is not coming in front of her. She wants him to answer, why he did this to her. She decides that she is not going to eat anything until Anirudh comes and talks to her.

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