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Barrister Babu Today’s 19th January 2021 Written Update: Sampurna Revenge Planned


We are back with the written update of barrister babu today’s episode. In the previous episode, you saw that munshi and bondita are searching for a clue. In today episode you will see that munshi finds his wallet and mislead bondita. He says I can’t help you the way Saurabh used to do. She says to go and take some rest. Bondita finds a locket and thinks if that locket belongs to that man in women attire. Bondita returns home with Bihari. When they return Trilochan talks to Bihari and ask him to get married to Sampoorna. He says I will give you money if you do this. Bihari gets really shocked.

Barrister Babu

The girls worship for Anirudh. Mama and Mami reach the house and smiles. Trilochan says I have called you. He shares his idea of sampoorna getting married again. Sampoorna becomes shocked when she hears that. triolchan says I want to end this bad luck from my house. doctors are not able to find the actual reason of Anirudh’s illness. Mama Mami asks about the groom. Trilochan calls Bihari and says here is the groom. Sampoorna cried when she see Bihari. She ran away. Bondita sees sampoorna crying. She asks her what happened. nut sampoorna goes.

Mami says Bihari is too old for sampoorna. Trilochan says to be thankful for Bihari as he agrees to get married with sampoorna after taking money. Trilochan says after marriage sampoorna will get the status of a married woman. Bihari will bring her good clothes and food. Bondita says in a marriage both should agree fro that. Andsampoorna is not ready for marriage. Bondita asks everyone to wait till the time Anirudh get well. She says once he gets well he will decide what to do.  Binoy also agrees with bondita. he says I don’t think that sampoorna is the reason for Anirudh’s problem.

Trilochan asks Binoy to stay out o this matter. Mama Mami talks to sampoorna. Bondita talks to Bihari and asks him he wants to get married, Bihari replies being a servant he has to follow his boss command. Munshi reaches home and tells surmani that he got the wallet but the locket is missing. Surmani asks munshi to go and find the locket by fooling Bondita. She tells Anirudh about the locket and ask if a father keep his son locket in his wallet. Now bondita have doubt on munshi. Will bondita find the truth? Stay tuned frot the updates.

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