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Barrister Babu Full Episode written Update of 19th February 2021: Anirudh gets intoxicated


We are back with the written update of the Colors Tv serial named “Barrister Babu”. The episode with Anirudh as he goes to the media office and circulates the picture of Sumati, so that, they print her missing news in the newspaper. He is very worried for Sumati as to what he will say to Bondita if she asks him about her mother. All the ladies get Bondita ready for her first night, she is also very excited about it. Trilochan comes there and asks all ladies to go out of the room as he wants to work with Bondita.

Barrister Babu Full Episode written Update of 19th February 2021: Anirudh gets intoxicated

Bondita asks Trilochan if she looks good. Trilochan asks her to complete her all duties as a wife, he makes her a promise and asks her to fulfill it. He says to her that if she remembers all the instruction which Sampoorna gives to her for her first night. She says that she promises him that she will do as Sampoorna said to her. Anirudh reaches home. Bihari tells everyone that Anirudh is at home. Bondita asks him about Sumati. He gets confused and thinks about what to say.

Later, he tells her that Sumati does not return home from the Tirth Yatra and promises Bondita that he will find her soon and bring her back soon. Binoy gets worried to hear this and thinks he has to do something before Anirudh takes any serious action. Sampoorna says that we should start the ritual. Angry gets angry to see that Bondita is ready for their first night and Sampoorna is taking her to the room. Anirudh meets Kaka while he tries to get out from the house. Trilochan signs to Bihari to mix the medicine in the sweets.

Anirudh eats the sweet and get unconcious. Trilochan says this is the only way from which Anirudh will perfom the ritual and give our heir to the family. Biharo does the same as Trilochan says to him to do. Binoy packs his bags, Sampoorna asks her that where is he going. He says that he has to leave the house before Anirudh get to know about Sumati. Sampoorna says that she is not died. She will bring her here to make the place in his heart. Bondita is waiting for Anirudh, he arrives the room. Don’t forget to watch “Barrister Babu” on Colors Tv at 08:30 pm. Stay tuned with us.

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