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Barrister Babu, 7th July 2021, Written Update, Anirudh Wages War Against Thakuma!


The Episode Begins with Sumati as they are providing aid to Bondita as she is saying that she has gone to meet Anirudh again even though they tried to stop her, and then Bondita is stating that this is the name that is written on her hand and she further stated that she is never going to give up no matter what and then you are going to see Thakumaa stating that she has gone to Tulsipur again and then Chandrachur is stating that she has gotten all of these wounds because of Anirudh and he further stated that he is going to make sure that they never get together and then Bondita has taken as saree off the table.

Barrister Babu

Morning is shining bright as Pandit comes to Trilochan and he stated that it seems like there is something wrong in the temple as Durga Maa is missing from there and then Trilochan states that this has definitely done by the people of Krishnanagar as they can be the only one who will do such a thing as Anirudh is not likable to them and he states that he is not going to spare them a bit for this and then Tpaur enters the scene and he states that Durga Maa’s idol is stolen from the temple and says that he has no idea who must have done this.


Chandrachur is being seen and is stating that they are getting blamed for stealing the idol of Durga Maa as he says that Tulsipur people are blaming them for the theft and he further says not to worry at all and then both the families are standing face to face at the border and Thakumaa and Triliochan starts arguing again and then Anirudh is taunting them to to do sweet talk,

Chandrachur is stating that it seems like backstabbers are going to teach them about trust as he further stated that we are all about enmity and friendship and then all of them are pointing guns at each other and then Sarpanch is asking Trilochan to say something and he tells everyone that this can be avoided if they give us the idol back as Anirudh also states that it all about the idol and of they find that they have the idol then they will never be allowed to enter the place.

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