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Barrister Babu 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Vaijayanyti’s Truth Comes Out In Open!


Today’s episode begins with Bondita as she says to Anirudh that she is his Bondity only and came in Vaijayanthi’s form because he didn’t want to see her face that’s why she did all this. She adds that she just wants to end all enmity between both villages. She asks him to understand her. Sampoorna asks Anirudh not to believe in her words again. Trilochan says that this Bondita is not the same as child Bondita. He adds that now she is one of Krishna Nagar’s people who wants to hurt Tulsipur people along with Roychaudharys. Bondita says that she didn’t even think to do something like this.

She says Kaksasur to Trilochan who gets angry hearing her. He says to her that she is not trustworthy now. Somnath put his gun at Bondita. Meanwhile, Kalindi says that it is Anirudh’s mistake who left the competition in the middle then why everyone is blaming Bondita. Somnath says that Bondita betrayed them so she will get punishment for sure. Kalindi says that it is not right and all Zameendars only know how to accuse a woman. Chandrachur says that he will finish everyone if anyone attempts to harm Bonita. Kalindi says that Panch will take the decision about this matter.

Trilochan says that it is clear that Bondita betrayed them by being Vaijayanthi. Kalindi takes Bondita from there and Anirudh stands silently. Tulsipur people say to Trilochan that they are scared if Krishna Nagar people will harm them after winning the sword fight. He assures them saying that Panch will definitely punish the accuser. The villagers say that if they can punish Bondita as she has relation with them. Trilochan says that they can’t be emotional as Bondita is not the same as her childhood. Kalindi slaps Bondita as she broke her trust. She asks her not to reveal anything in front of Punch.

Kalindi asks her to tell the Punch that she didn’t go to Tulsipur as Vaijayanthi. Bondita refuses to tell a lie. She says that she knows that her Sakha Babu will trust her. She says that he knows her very well. Here, Trilochan is getting angry at Bondita and misunderstands her. On the other hand, Anirudh is in shock after whatever happened. Sumati tries to make Bondita understand and asks her to do as Kalindi is asking to do. Bondita says to her that she will not lie. Sumati says that Kalindi will make her life hell if she will do anything against her. Don’t miss watch the full episode of “Barrister Babu” on Colors at 08:30 PM.

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